If we make the playoffs, who would you rather beat?

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  • This question was asked to me and I have a hard time answering it. If it came down to it and we were placed against either the 49ers or the Packers in the playoffs (on the road in front of their fans), who would you rather beat?

    To be perfectly honest as much as I hate the 49ers I think I would have to pick the Packers. I have grown a lot of hate for them after since the Tate game and I feel it would be a huge statement to beat them in Lambeau. What do you think?
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  • I would rather beat all of the teams. If it could be only one win though deffinately the niners living in ca they are everywhere and I would get joy from their pain.
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  • Packers. Just so I can see their fans in tears again, that was enjoyable.
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  • Seahawks are 6 games removed from playoffs. lots of things can happen, players can get injured, etc.

    I have to say that I am extremely impressed that Sidney Rice has been healthy 10 games through the season.
    but if the unavoidable happens and if you take that top off, who is going to stretch the field and fly past rock solid secondary of the above mentioned teams?
    Golden Tate, Ben Obomanu, and Doug Baldwin? not going to happen. dink and dunk will be our demise.

    That said, I want the Seahawks soundly defeat the Packers at Lambeau. but the odds and the smart money are against us.
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  • The Packers for sure. The rest of the country has put an asterisk on that MNF game, and a playoff win over GB would go a long way in erasing that.
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  • Since we have to play 2 games and (the 49ers game would be a certain home game for us) I'd have to say both.

    Though I'd much rather we beat both as 2nd seeds (49ers 5h seed, Packers 6th seed, with the former beating the Bears at Soldier Field, the latter beating the Giants at the MetLife, then us beating the 49ers at home and the Packers beating the Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Then we face the Packers in a repeat and beat them down 42-0 to advance to the Superbowl and destroy the plucky NY Jets who - having replaced Sanchez with Tebow for the remainder of the season and won out, getting in on a wildcard berth - fail to score a point on our defense once again, forcing Rex Ryan to replace Tebow with Sanchez once again, and starting up the controversy all over again.

    Ryan then trades Tebow and a (2014) first round pick to us for Flynn, Flynn bombs the season - he's even worse than Sanchez it turns out, and we become the first back-to-back superbowl champions to pick first overall, leading the NFL to change the rules so that teams from the North-West Pacific cannot pick first overall
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  • 49ers
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  • Tough call but I have to go with 49ers. I would look so forward to the Harbaugh post game press conference after he just got eliminated by Pete Carroll. You can't put a price on that.

    Thanks for the amazing memories Beast Mode.
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  • 49ers and it's not even close
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  • I'd rather beat an AFC team :mrgreen: :thirishdrinkers: :th2thumbs:
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  • Got to be Niners. Although the GB thing would be great, I agree with the posters above regarding the Hardbaugh meltdown, and the number of 49er fans in LV is also hard to deal with.
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  • :49ersmall:
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  • I would like to see the Hawks-Packers rematch. Then I want to see Golden Tate get two TD's (one catch, one pass) lol! Why not? Even though he possibly has the ugliest form ever. It looked like he was throwing a baseball. It would be a great way to rub it in a little. If Golden Tate just had an absolutely amazing game. Maybe, catch a TD pass, throw a TD pass and then return a kick for a TD. Maybe even kick a field goal. Who knows, the possibilities are endless with Sir Golden Tate.

    I just want to shut the Pack fans up. I work with a few of them and they're still bitter about the loss. They're giving me crap on almost a daily basis; "You know, if the Packers play the Hawks in the playoffs. The Pack are going to DESTROY your precious Seahawks." I would just LOVE to rub it in their faces when we stomp all over them in a Wildcard game.
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  • grizbob wrote:I'd rather beat an AFC team :mrgreen: :thirishdrinkers: :th2thumbs:

    Beat me to it. :mrgreen:

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  • NINERS nuf said
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  • volsunghawk wrote:
    grizbob wrote:I'd rather beat an AFC team :mrgreen: :thirishdrinkers: :th2thumbs:

    Beat me to it. :mrgreen:

    Yep. That was my first thought too. I want to beat the AFC Champion.
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  • Seahawk Sailor wrote:
    volsunghawk wrote:
    grizbob wrote:I'd rather beat an AFC team :mrgreen: :thirishdrinkers: :th2thumbs:

    Beat me to it. :mrgreen:

    Yep. That was my first thought too. I want to beat the AFC Champion.

    I was going to go with NFC runner-up, but this is far better.
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  • I would like to see us win a game in the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers on the last play of the game with a successful hail Mary pass
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  • I want the Seahawks to beat both the Packers and the niners in the playoffs this year. Both games at home too.

    Then I want to watch them destroy the stealers.
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  • I honestly couldn't pick between GB or SF.
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  • No question I would love to rub salt in that GB wound! Hate the miners, Loathe the Pack!
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  • I want to beat the Falcons then the Texans
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  • Packers, no doubt.
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  • Both...Pack for reasons mentioned and Whiners cuz I just flat out can't stand Hardouche and a bunch of bandwagon fans in Portland I know.
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  • SF... No doubt. Bragging rights would be big.
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  • I would like to beat Peyton Mannings Broncos in the SB.
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  • I'd rather beat the Packers in Lambeau in overtime on a pick six, after Tate ties it at the last second of regulation on a hail mary.
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  • Packers
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  • Packers, and here's why.

    We will have just beaten SF only a few short weeks earlier, so this will silence the simul-catch garbage once and for all. Best of both worlds. a middle finger to both teams
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  • Why not both? There's a decent chance they could both be opponents in the playoffs, and I say, if we beat them both we can take whatever the AFC throws at us. :)
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  • Reeeaaaally not looking forward to that game in GB, the refs are gonna have a FIELD DAY with bs calls to make up for MNF.
    We are the 2014 Superbowl champions and it can never, ever be taken away.
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  • 49ers. I hate them more even though I've really come to dislike Rogers and the Packers.
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  • XxxZagnutxxX wrote:I would like to beat Peyton Mannings Broncos in the SB.

    Totally this!
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  • If we sneak into the playoffs and do nothing but knock SF out and then lose its mission accomplished. If its not our year to win the Super Bowl, our goal should be keep it from SF. We can't allow them to get another one first!!!
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