well the Seahawks didn't win yesterday, the Jets...

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  • ...just have too many issues from top to bottom to it affecting Sanchez.

    again, the Seahawks just didn't win because they are a rising, young, GOOD team, our rookie QB didn't excell, Sherman didn't play lights out, Marshawn wasn't a beast racking up 124 yards, Golden Tate didn't complete a little razzle dazzle WR pass, our rookie Irvin didn't perform.

    I just can't stand the monday morning media bull***t.
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  • meh...... same song and dance every week.

    It used to piss me off to no end, but for the past few years I have learned to let go of the angst.

    I just don't watch much of SportsCenter on Mondays.
    It was a catch.
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  • Screw 'em. I like it that way. I would rather the Hawks be underrated than overrated any day. The Hawks aren't even fully developed yet and they could have a good chance to win in every game they play, against any team.

    They are winning the games they lost last year because of the non-existent QB play in the 4th quarter. They are winning because they are able to stay with their game plan in every game and keep them close.

    They get respect, but the defense has a way of bringing the worst out of opposing offenses. It is a pattern I like. Opposing fans, calling their teams out following every loss the Hawks hand to them and the media. I enjoy it.
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  • I attribute it to the Crybabies. They can't stand to lose to what they perceive as teams they should beat. As far as the Jets go position by position and find one that is better an Seattle... It's not easy.
    They should enjoy seeing good teams beat up in them it's more than Sanchez that is below par
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  • Crap, I'd love to hear how the Jets gave it away instead of us taking it.

    All I'm hearing this morning is about the freakin Lakers, and I hate the NBA to boot.
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  • That's another reason to throw your cable system in the trash. Ther e is nothing on worth watching.
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  • well to be fair the jets are terrible..... but at 6-4 we shouldnt be hearing this week in and out
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  • Since it's still so popular to do so....I blame Bush.
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  • Until we make a true statement on the road and be consistent in our wins, I don't crave nor expect a single thing from the media. They have given us a nod all too many times just for us to lose the next week.
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  • During our Superbowl season, we had a million positive things written about us. We'd lead Sportcenter and have tons of features done. Just like the Mariners in 2001. We're 6-4. Let's not get ahead of ourselves...
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  • Honestly, the media says this about a LOT of teams. Like...most of them. We just don't care, because don't listen to what the media has to say about other teams. The Giants, for instance, get it in just about every game and I think they even say it about their super bowls.
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  • CALIHAWK1 wrote:That's another reason to throw your cable system in the trash. Ther e is nothing on worth watching.

    YEP. We ditched our cable, atleast on the internet there's a wealth of entertainment to choose from. Tv just feeds you this set list of bullcrap pandering to their biggest markets/demographics.
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  • This might be the one week I don't mind it. This last game was a layup for Seattle. They didn't settle for a layup, they took that chance and did a Blake Griffin dunk, but it was still a pretty low hurdle to jump over.
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  • Come on with the Politics. We have a PWR forum for that.
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  • Jazzhawk wrote:Since it's still so popular to do so....I blame Bush.

    Image Always been a Seahawks fan
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  • drdiags wrote:Come on with the Politics. We have a PWR forum for that.

    Preach it!

    Um, you know what I mean.
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