Remaining Schedule Facts and Data

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Remaining Schedule Facts and Data
Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:27 pm
  • I've been doing some remaining schedule analysis and decided to share the data because some of you may be interested in this stuff.

    At the beginning of the season, the Hawks strength of schedule (SOS) based off their opponents' 2011 regular season results was ranked 11th most difficult in the league at 0.504, with 5 "quality opponents" to play (those teams with at least 9 wins in 2011).

    Link... ... f-schedule

    Interestingly, we've already played 4 of those 5 "quality" opponents. (GB, Detroit, SF and NE). The one remaining is SF at home. Also interestingly, we've split evenly (2-2) with those 4 that we've already played. That bodes well for finishing out the season, especially coupled with RW's development and DB's opening up the offensive playbook.

    Thus far we have played 5 away games and 4 home games... and the Hawks strength of schedule for those 9 games we have played based on their opponents' 2012 results at this point in time is 0.507, which is surprisingly close to the 0.504 SOS based of their opponents' 2011 results.

    Strangely, even though the Hawks have 4 home games and 3 away games remaining this year, their SOS for those remaining games is higher than for the past 9 games... at 0.526 vs. the 0.507 previously quoted. So even though we'll have more home games than away games yet to play, our opponents have a better combined W/L record than our previous 9 opponents.

    And here's another interesting factoid... at this point of the season, the Hawks SOS for the entire 2012 season based on the 2012 results thus far is 0.515, which is exactly what their 2013 SOS would be if it were calculated off the 2012 season thus far. Obviously, most of the opponents change next year but the Hawks 2013 SOS is the same as 2012 actual SOS after teams have played either 8 or 9 games thus far. Next year we play the NFC South and the AFC South.
    And would also play Philadelphia and Green Bay, as they are the 2nd place teams in the other NFC divisions at this point in time.
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