Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Vikings @ Seahawks)

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  • Damn them Lions.

    This year will likely be a story of we don't lose at home for the most part, and we don't win on the road for the most part.

    These next two weeks are extremely vital for not only the hopes of a winning season but to stay entrenched in the playoff race. The defense is flat out embarrassed by their performance last Sunday AND by the spotlight that's been on them all week. Anyone want to bet we see the dominant #1 D from the first month show up against the Vikings?

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 27 - Vikings 17

    Aros' Fearless Record: 3-5
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  • Minny: 13
    Hawks: 23

    (Aros' Fearless Record: 3-5) I dont keep my record so I'll post Aros's
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  • Seattle needs this one in a bad way. Still in.

    Seattle 27 Minnesota 15

    To date 3-5
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  • Seahawks- 21
    Vikings - 13

    (Aros' Fearless Record: 3-5) I dont keep my record either so I'll post Aros's
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  • Hawks 30

    Vikes 13
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  • I fully expect an ass kicking display by our defense.
    Seahawks 23-9.
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  • 20-17 Seattle

    Record so far: 2-6
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  • I remember other Seahawks defensive and offensive units going into uncharacteristic tailspins and it spiraling out of control before the adjustments took hold. The running game has been having issues about the same amount of time the defense's middle has been exploited. 8 games are on tape and what we see now may be the plateau.

    With that said, I see a competitive game and will echo TheEnglishGent's call.
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  • Hawks 23
    Viqueens 16

    To date: 1-7
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  • Seahawks 24
    Vikings 13

    My Record to Date: 1-7
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  • hmm, tough game.

    SEA21 MIN24

    record 4-4
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  • Seahawks 35
    Vikings 0
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  • We should have won the Lions game there's no reason why we should not have won that game. I also think we will miss the playoffs barely and we will look back on that game in particular and say that's the game that kept us out.

    This is another game that we should win, we are the better team and all the media people are picking us as well, I think we rebound and have a great day on defence.

    Vikings 14
    Seahawks 24
    the ditch
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  • Home cooking. Phil Loadholt is going to make Bruce Irvin look like an all star, Harvin is going to take one to the house, and we are going to get a pick-6.

    Seahawks win 27-13
    Record, 5-3
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  • Seahawks - ##

    Vikes - ##

    (I will fill it in after the game)
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  • We're at home, and our defense just got embarrassed for the first time this year. We are going to stomp on the Vikings, I think. Before you lurking Vikings fans take offense at my prediction, look at what we held Green Bay to, then realize they were handed a BS extension at midfield on their one & only TD drive and with real refs we'd have held them to 6 points.

    34-13, Seahawks. After watching Wilson pass a lot more last week, I feel confident we'll never see him be held back again in terms of passing attempts from this point forward, and he's only going to grow & get better.
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  • I'm going with the Hawks winning 28-10. They need this win badly and for me it would be nice to attend the Jets game cheering the Hawks to a two game winning streak.

    Record to date = Seahawks record
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  • Hawks 31
    Viqueens 17

    RW with 2passing 1rushing TD
    D with their first TD of season

    Harvin gets one too.

    Ponder with 2 ints 4 sacked

    3-5 for season
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  • Seahawks 24
    Vikings 14
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  • Every game so far this season has come right down to the wire (except the Cowboys) and I think we'll see more of the same.

    Vikings 20 - Seahawks 14 with 5 minutes to go in the 4th. We get the ball back at the 4 yard line. Wilson and Marshawn lead us all the way down the field and Wilson throws a TD to Rice with :28 left on the clock. Hauschka kicks it out of the end zone on the kick off and the Vikings get the ball on the 20. Ponder throws a couple of quick strikes to the sidelines and the Vikings have :14 left and the ball on the 50. Ponder tries to pick up 15 yards on the next play to get them within field goal range but Sherman jumps the route and takes that shit to the house. The CLink goes absolutely friggin nuts.

    Seahawks 28
    Vikings 20
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  • Seahawks 17
    Vikings 20

    Humble pie.
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  • I think this week the hawks take full advantage of being home and play well, but the situation with injuries at WR will hamper the offense from playing as well as it could.

    Hawks 20
    Vikes 13

    Record: 2-6
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  • Seahawks 17
    Vikings 6

    Red Bryant gets a sack.
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  • Hawks are pissed at themselves and rightfully so...redemption at the hands of the Vikes. This will not be pretty.

    Seahawks - 34

    Vikings - 13

    RTD: 5 - 3
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  • Seahawks 16
    Vikings 3
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  • Hawks 23-16
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  • If the Hawks lost this game at home at this stage it would be sheer pandemonium around here. Could you imagine? Of course that has nothing to do with why they would win this game but I think that they do just on home-field advantage alone.

    Hawks 28
    Vikes 17

    RTD: 1-5
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  • Since I'll be attending (FINALLY), we won't lose. We have a very healthy W-L record in games I've attended, especially at home.

    Seahawks 20, Vikings 16
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  • Wilson unveils his pocket improvements for the home crowd for the first time. Seattle almost beat a high-powered offense last week while missing Doug Baldwin, Jason Jones, and Braylon Edwards. This week, they set a new bar in every phase of the game.

    Seahawks 31
    Vikings 10

    RTD: 3-5
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  • Hawks start scoring from the opening kick-off and the only thing that stops them from scoring is 00:00 on the clock...

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    Time to unload on someone...
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  • 30-17 Hawks

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  • ...and now that Jones AND Greg Scruggs look unlikely to play, I'm suddenly concerned that Ponder will be able to find a rhythm.

    Seahawks 31
    Vikings 28
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  • Christian Ponder has never been to the Clink. He is going to regret playing in this league. He will be sacked "12" times before coming home to mommy. End of story.

    Hawks 27

    Vikings 13
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  • Seahawks 34
    Vikings 13
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  • I cautiously optimistic. I hope for the 2nd half turnaround we had last year. If that is the case and the defense comes out breathing fire.

    I can see a

    SEA- 28
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  • Were going to smash them....35 - 13
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  • Seahawks 27 Vikings 9

    Record to date: 4-4
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  • 17-16 Hawks

    Another down to the wire game.
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  • Seahawks 30
    Vikings 17
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  • I think we FINALLY have a comfortable victory, the first since Dallas.

    Seahawks 28, Vikings 10
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  • scifly wrote:30-17 Hawks


    Off topic: I love your avatar. It makes me laugh every time.
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  • 27-10 Seahawks

    Our D needs to step it up again at home.
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  • 31-0 us.
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  • Joey13091 wrote:Seahawks 35
    Vikings 0

    i like the way you think lol
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  • our home field advantage is worth more than the usual 3 points, we're better the Vikings anyway,...Hawks 24 Vikiings 16
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  • " Anyone want to bet we see the dominant #1 D from the first month show up against the Vikings?

    Aros' Fearless Prediction: Seahawks 27 - Vikings 17"

    Yeah i'll bite and take that wager. No way in Hell the vikings'll score 17 ;)
    I'm seriously thinking goose egg, maybe three, but i have no idea who thier place kicker is.

    So i agree with you we're going to see a dominant defense from the Hawks. Kinda cool i can agree with you and still win the bet, huh?
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  • kthebestwayw wrote:
    Joey13091 wrote:Seahawks 35
    Vikings 0[/quote

    i like the way you think lol

    I don't really know about the 35 part I was just messing around but we're due for a shut out for sure
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  • Really thought we would take the Lions... :cry:
    Oh well, next man up!

    Seahawks 23 Vikings 17
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  • With the injury to Carpenter, I'm going to have to change my prediction again.

    Seahawks 24
    Vikings 27

    RTD: 3-5
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  • Nah, not with our D at home. Ponder is gonna' be on his a** all day.
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