I Hope Our D (AND Bradley!) Is Watching San Fran's Tonight

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  • Teams figure out schemes when we are half way through, they have enough tape and footage to see what works and what doesn't. Our schemes should always outplay the opponents, that's the point. I think last year we had a good run the last half, I am sure Seahawks will make the adjustments and move forward full steam. A young team feeds off the home team advantage, we have a young team, that's why our away games are not getting the wins for now. As many people pointed out, experience comes only through play time and the number of games played. Just watching RW grow in each of these games makes me feel the team will grow around him. I am still stoked for this season and hopefully make the playoffs.
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  • Hawksfan515:

    Did you really need to create a new thread to call me out on this comment.

    I'm just tired of seeing a lack of in game adjustments from him

    Really? Who the hell should I blame then? Does Bradley not make the playcalls? This isn't the first time I've said this. I haven't been on this forum for long but I've always wondered why we always got beat by TE's and RB's with short passes down the middle. This is nothing new.

    And give me a break with the "this is a product of losing". Like I said, I've been saying this for years. So instead of crying like a little girl because I offended you for attacking Bradley, and come up with a decent response.

    I also blamed PC, so don't act like I'm only focusing on Bradley. I've been noticing lately that Carroll's get to caught up in the moment and gets outcoached.
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  • VaSfan4life wrote:
    drdiags wrote:I agree with Vols take of the state of the defenses. Sometimes it is when you play a team. You get more tape, injuries occur and struggling teams rebound while hot teams cool off. Folks look at how the Lions got beat by the 9ers earlier, how they should have lost at home to the Rams and think that was the same team we played on Sunday. But what about the win the Lions had against the Eagles in Philly.

    Folks are looking at the Jets and how they got dominated by the 9ers and figure they should be a peace of cake in a week. You set yourself up for a letdown. If you look at the Vikings vs Tampa, you figure the Vikings will have a big problem passing. May not be reality.

    The Packers, Patriots and Cowboys could be totally different results if played later in the season. All teams are evolving as the season progresses (either positively or negatively). Cardinals looked bad last night but I would put it out of my mind when the Seahawks play them.

    so by your logic we shouldn't count our Loss to the Viking because they were playing better then than they are now... and you guys are getting a much easier game at home against a struggling team.. while we had to go to the Vikings house to play and up and coming team...

    Sounds ridiculous... its the NFL we can't pick and chose who we play and when we get to play them we just play them when the date comes

    Speaking of sounds ridiculous. Read your post. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read on this board. You totally misread what the poster said and the thing just reads like a big whine-fest, when he was really saying that week to week the circumstances change.
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