regardless of who was throwing the ball..

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  • there were 5 dropped passes in the first half that hit receivers right in their hands/chest. a lot of them were big impact plays as well.. imagine if we had caught the couple of passes early in the 1st quarter that were dropped.. we woulda been 1st and goal and lynch was on fire.. those two drives woulda been enough to really put some pressure on smith even if we only score a td on one of them and he likely woulda thrown more picks as they wouldn't have had the option to run all day..

    people need to stop freaking out like the sky is falling. who honestly thought this was a sure win anyways? i knew it was going to be a close game and atleast we had the ball late with a chance to tie in their house.. likely shoulda had more of a chance because that hit wasn't that low on the final play and it was clearly a first down where they had first marked it.. but its whatever.. on to the next week.

    i know a lot of you are down on TO but i still think we could use him on the team.. he was definately rusty but i bet he'd be primed in by now.. and if anything else he would draw a defender over the top to open sidney up more often... him and winslow would be welcomed additions back to the team in my opinion
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  • even if we catch only 2 out of those 5 (especially turbin and moore) i think we win the game.
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  • HawkFan72 wrote:even if we catch only 2 out of those 5 (especially turbin and moore) i think we win the game.

    I honestly feel this to be true as well. Very frustrating, losing these close ones.
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  • yup i agree. i couldn't believe my eyes when i kept seeing balls fall to the ground when guys were wide open and i had already begun celebrating a big play.....
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  • Charlie Martin needs more playing time. He catches the ball.
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