Drawn Comparison - Wilson vs. Smith 2011

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Drawn Comparison - Wilson vs. Smith 2011
Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:36 pm
  • So we all have seen the rookie QB comparisons to guys like Brees and Flacco - what about Alex Smith from last year?

    There is an easy comparison to draw - and it's around the rest of the team, not specifically the QB.

    Everything being equal - assuming the 2011 defense from SF is the same as ours here in 2012. (just for argument's sake!) and the idea of their ability last year to stay relatively injury free and close games similar to what we are seeing from our team last year - a VERY unspectacular team with a solid running game and serviceable passing game nearly went to the Super Bowl last year.

    Now... if you look at RW versus 2011 Alex Smith - which one is greater? Assuming everything else is equal for the 2012 Seahawks vs. the 2011 49ers? I would contend that RW can do more than Smith. Regardless of age, size, experience. Watch that guy throw. He sucks. Watch the reads. He really is not very good.

    That's a dang good optimistic approach to 12+ wins and some home games in the playoffs. Not saying it will happen - but when you put it in terms of looking at the 2011 9ers - it starts to seem a little more possible, doesn't it?
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  • I think it's a pretty decent comparison. For instance SF threw the ball the least of any teams in the league last year. Wilson is the same boat as well.

    Smith averaged/gm- 27.8- Att., 17.06- Comp, comp%= 61.3%, 90.7 rating. Averaged 196.5 yards/gm. 7.1 yards/att. 1.06 TD's/gm,

    Wilson through 6 games- 25.3- Att, 15.8-comp, comp%= 62.5%, 85.6 rating. Average 184.7 yards/gm, 7.3 yards/att. 1.33 TD's/gm

    If you look at these stats (obviously Smith's were over the whole season vs. Wilson's first 6 games) They are very comparable. The major difference between the 2 is the INT's. Smith only had 5 INT's ALL of last year. AMAZING! Wilson has 6 already.
    Smith was sacked 2.75/gm last year. Wilson is 2.0 sacks/gm. Smith ran for 179 yards, Wilson already has 109 yards.

    The biggest difference between the 2 is that RW is a rookie and Smith was a 7 year vet. I think his numbers will continue to rise as he throws more like he did against Carolina and New England as the trust between him and the coaches continue to develop.
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  • Agree with all those stats... I'd also add that the idea of the OP was to compare the scenarios in general. So the basics of how Smith was depended on is clearly supported by the stats you provided, and the surrounding players are similarly distributed - great defense, excellent special teams, really good running game, top shelf TE, decent WR's, etc...
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  • Very good comparison. That is why i think Russel can outplay Alex on thursday. Russell may be a rookie but he has way more upside than smith. I just don't think Smith will ever be able to fully put a team on his back like the Mannings, Rodgers, Brees, Brady's of the game. I do think it is very possible that Russell could acheive that and take some heat off of marshawn. Going to be a an exciting team to watch this year and years to come.
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  • I do believe this team is compareable , as far as a stout D and a well kept offense. But the difference to me is the division toughness. If you took this years Ram's , Cardinals, and Seahawks and put them in the same division with last years 49'ers the 49er's do not win 13 games. So to think we will get there based on that I doubt it. We need our Offense to hit it's stride around week 10 to get 12+ I think. This also just so happens to be the week of the bye.

    Go figure.
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  • Smith was drafted rediculously high. Insanely high, in hindsight. He was going to save this storied franchise and the pressure was evident in his play. He was rediculued by fans and berated by coaches. Not many had a tougher road than Alex Smith. Harbaugh instilled some confidence. Alex needed a hug but a the end of the day, IMO, he's just not very good.

    Wilson has had to fight his way through everything because of his stature, but nobody really expected alot from him and everyone cheered for him and wished him success. America loves the underdog. Wilson is almost playing with house money. Like Smith, he has the same pressure every NFL QB has, but as a 3rd rd pick, he's likely to get a break from the press (and fans) and the press is more likely to feature him positively when he does well. Not many want to attack the underdog. I think this is a huge difference in the development of Wilson and Smith. One is being groomed and shrouded in confidence, the other was tormented, rediculed and his confidence crushed.

    Talent wise? I think Wilson is smarter than Smith and his lack of size has forced him to be more nimble and creative in moving the chains. I also think Wilson has a better arm and a shorter memory.

    At the end of last year, I felt SF was a pass rusher and QB better than us. I don't think that anymore and SF, if smart, will keep looking for a QB, IMO.
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