Can't let you Seattleites have all the fun

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Can't let you Seattleites have all the fun
Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:35 am
  • Watching this season's games in The SeaDen has been exhilarating, but I am so jealous of all you guys at the Link each week living these games. Last night I told my wife I have to get out there...and this morning I booked my flights for the Cards game on 12/9!! I need to get in on the action this year.

    Also tonight I am going to convince my wife that we need a little weekend getaway the following week to Toronto [a lovely place in December I'm sure]....which coincidentally also happens to be the Hawks at the Bills. Amazing!

    Looking for back to back LIVE Hawks games and get in on this season.

    See all of you in December...and then back again in January!!!

    Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Thumbs up brother!
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  • Cool! That's the game I'm coming down for too! December 9th vs. Arizona!
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  • Hope you enjoy it (I'm sure you will).
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  • Have a great time JonRud. You may have to make it back for a playoff game. Now wouldn't that be something?
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  • Congrats Jon! The last game I was able to go to was I think the same week as you back in like 98. I think it was when they wrote the article about you in the paper and we were playing the Raiders in the Kingdome. Does that sound right? I remember we talked about it at some point, because we were both named Jon and were making the trip in to see our Hawks.
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  • Hey JR,,,,,,don't show up without my Pug?


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