Who's your college team? And who do you want a shot at?

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  • First of all, who's your favorite college football team? And secondly, if you could put any other team on your schedule and have a shot at them who would you want it to be?

    I'm an Oregon fan as i'm sure most of you know. There's 5 teams that i'd love to see them play.

    1. Notre Dame: Tradition vs New Blood. I'd love to see the Ducks kick their ass and run circles around them.

    2.Texas: Same as above, but I cant stand Texas fans. And not a fan at all of Mack Brown.

    3. West Virginia: I think with the quick play WVU offense, and the horrible WVU defense, that the Ducks could hang 100 on them. And it would be a highly entertaining game.

    4. Florida State: Just for selfish reasons. Florida State has always been my 2nd favorite team.

    5. Washington: Cuz its always good to have a sure win on your schedule :D (Sorry... I couldnt resist)
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  • UW.

    As far as teams that I'd like to see UW play more, I'd vote Michigan, Miami, and Notre Dame for nostalgia's sake.
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  • Cougars - would like to see us take on O'Dea High
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  • Yo, Jseahawks, send me a message, I have someone who wants to talk to you about an upcoming O. game. Strangely, I can't send anyone a message.
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  • My team is Alabama, because of their awesome defense. I would like to see them play against Oregon.
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