Prime Time just said about Seahawks defense

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  • Anytime you have to throw the ball over 50 times you know how the game is going.

    and we all found out that that #1 defense really IS the #1 defense

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Simply awesome!
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  • Brady threw 30 more times than Wilson for 100 more yards, 2 more INTs, and 1 less touchdown.

    I'll take it all day!
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  • I wish I could have heard it! A national guy speaking good things about out team... woah didn't think it would ever happen.
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  • On NBC's pregame show we have Costas with "Now to Seattle, where Russell Wilson outplay[ed] Tom Brady". Tony Dungy gave Wilson the performance of the week.

    I've already heard the "What's wrong with Tom Brady / Our Awesome Offense" speech from Pats fans though. :lol:
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