Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Patriots @ Seahawks)

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  • I know it's #1 O against #1 D, but I am much more concerned with #8 D vs our O. Could be ugly, but taking the home crowd into consideration, I pick:

    Pats 17, Hawks 7

    I hate it when I'm brutally honest with myself! :cry:
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  • you guys are all ridiculous picking the hawks to lose.
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  • I see it tied at 17 going into the forth quarter - then the Seahawks score 7 on a long, time consuming drive. This is then followed by a pick-6 for Sherman that ices the game. Final score 31-17 Seahawks. I dreamed it this way.
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  • The New England players are going to be miserable all day Sunday! They have had to fly 3000 miles to play in the wind and well as playing against The 12th Man. Should we get some lucky breaks that put us ahead early, we will hold on to win this game..... 23-20 Seahawks.
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  • Kolsteseahawks wrote:you guys are all ridiculous picking the hawks to lose.

    THIS :th2thumbs:

    My first reply to Todd's "fearless" thread.....

    Everyone please take notice:
    Russell's QB production has gotten better with each game so far......
    I see him throwing for MORE than last week's 220 yards (and change).....
    It might not be better than Jan, I mean, Tom Brady's numbers ~ BUT IT WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH !!

    D, (as usual) steps up and comes to play.....
    we win turnover battle.....

    Jan Brady goes home from his first trip to Seattle, IN PAIN & with the loss !!

    Seahawks ~ 24
    Patsey's ~ 20


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    GO HAWKS !!
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  • LOL to "Jan" Brady reference glowingeyedseahawk. Unless you're a certain age, you may not get that one folks.
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  • I have to go with the opposite of English.
    After Brady leaves the game, we are going to kick Ryan Mallett's ass.
    Seattle 27, Pats 23
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  • Seahawks 14
    Patriots 10
    Record to Date: 3-2 (picked Hawks in every game)
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  • offense is not good enough (yet) I do not see scoring a lot since we have not (yet)

    I do see our D up for this though so I do not see their average 30 points.

    I think it will be:

    Pats 20
    Hawks 13

    This is one of the games we shoudl do some crazy stuff nobody expects on a f*ck it game if we get down early.
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  • I still need to see some offensive production from our guys until I can pick the Hawks to win again. Hope I'm wrong.

    This will be a close game, though, either way.

    Patriots 16
    Seahawks 13

    My record to date: 2-3
    Go Hawks!
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  • I hope the Refs let us play and knock the pretty boy around a little,....if it's possible to rattle him a little the Hawks have a chance,....
    Hawks 23 Pats 17
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  • Patriots 13
    Seahawks 6

    Another great defensive performance but we have too may short drives and give up a 2nd quarter td.
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  • 24-13 SEAHAWKS. Maybe 24-6.
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  • PatsFanNH wrote:Noticed NONE of those guys are slot WR, and AZ ONLY has Fitz the rest stink.

    Also you have not faced a QB on top of his game yet, where NE has faced Manning and Flacco.. Also dont let yardage etc fool you the Pats D kept every O in check except for Baltimore. they averaged roughly 13 points when the game still matters... and I put Wilson somewhere just ahead of Kolb and Locker but way way behind Manning and Flacco.

    Well, we beat the other Manning at his house last year, and he won the Super Bowl that year, as you well know. We also beat Flacco at our house last year. I know you're looking for reasons to think our secondary isn't as elite as you think it is, but...all I can say is, they are; and you're about to find that out.
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  • Seattle gets their best offensive performance of the year. Unfortunately, they also get their worst defensive effort so far.

    New England Patriots 27
    Seattle Seahawks 24

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  • Pats 27
    Seahawks 13
    It was a catch.
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  • Pats 20
    Hawks 16
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  • This is a home game- its a must win.

    Really is our pass rush for real or is it only against ailing offensive lines?

    Russell Wilson must improve every game. Some decent offense is really needed.

    Cant bet against us at home. Lets be vicious in a squeeker. 31-28 Hawks win!!! 2 @ 3 record.
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  • 27-26 HAWKS!!
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  • Pats over Hawks 24-20.
    I hate Tim Ruskell.
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  • Whoa...I almost forgot to post here....
    Okay....I'm, with that in mind, I want my streak to continue...
    I'll take the Pats
    PATS 24
    HAWKS 13
    I hope I'm 0-6 after today!!!!

    Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!
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  • Patriots - 2
    Seahawks - 14

    Pats get their 2 on a called safety play by Jon Ryan. Seahawks get their 14 on 7 safeties.

    I'm 100% right every season, every game. I don't see it going any other way.
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  • 27-23 Seahawks.
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  • 24-21 Seahawks. And our defense accounts for a touchdown to help out
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  • I love trends. :)

    There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and the perpetual shuffling of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line.
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