The two sides of the big russian, otherwise known as Breno

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    Breno gets out of his stance quickly and into the play. He's got some crazy strength for an OT, allowing him to bully the smaller DEs whenever they lock up. His cut block isn't pretty, but it is effective. He's also fairly young. 27 years old with 8 career starts coming into this season.

    The good.

    Unfortunately Breno's fundamentals are wildy inconsistent. Every now and then he'll take a bad first step and just completely screw himself on the play. The good news is that when he plays with proper technique, he's very good. I only saw Breno get beat by a defender once or maybe twice the entire game. The rest of the time he shot himself in the foot with unforced errors and bad technique.

    The flat out BAD.

    Did I love this breakdown. Recommend you read it, great read. Feeling lukewarm on Giacomini. And very pissed when I see the breakdown of the 56 yard pass play to Tate. You better not screw us over like that when we're playing the Pats Breno :evil:

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  • I'm like pretty sure he's of Italian Descent. You keep calling him Russian... did i miss something? Confirmation anyone? Giacomini is an Italian name atleast.

    I hope he gets his stupid penalties under control because I think he's a pretty good player who will get better.
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  • "Angry Russian" is something Marshawn Lynch tagged him with.
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  • Big Russian is Lynchs nickname for Breno
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  • Well now I know why I keep hearing him called Russian. Thanks guys. Marshawn is a funny dude..
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  • His nasty mean streak is great to have, but the penalties are killers... especially on Tates long catch last week. There has to be a middle ground for him, he'll find it eventually.

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  • His eyebrows once killed a Russian mafia don nicknamed "The Angry Russian" and they now host his angry vengeful soul...
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  • I am pretty sure the Big Russian is from Brazil.

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  • 100% italian name. I'm amazed they pronounce it right. Spagnolo is pronounced spawn-yo-low which I think is easier than Spag-no-low
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  • The second quote in the OP needs to be edited for language. this is not the shack. thanks.
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  • I like to call him Yung Jock.
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  • falcongoggles wrote:100% italian name. I'm amazed they pronounce it right. Spagnolo is pronounced spawn-yo-low which I think is easier than Spag-no-low

    I miss referring to Spagnolo as "Coach Spaghetti-o".
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  • There's also the anagrammatic side:

    Booming ice rain
    O, ironic beaming
    One iambic groin
    I imagine bronco

    I can see myself shouting any of these at top volume when he costs us a big play against the Pats. Here's to hoping that does not happen. :thirishdrinkers:
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