Doug Farrar Wilson art. with comments from W. Moon.

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  • "He feels that he can do more and handle more than they're giving him. You've got to remember -- Pete's a defensive coach, and he preaches, 'Turnovers, and take care of the football.' He tells his quarterback constantly, 'Don't turn the ball over.' And you become ... frigid about throwing the football, because you're so worried about turning the ball over. Matt Hasselbeck complained about it when he was here, and Tarvaris Jackson was told that constantly last year. He played like a robot, and Russell is starting to do that. They've got to relax on that stuff." (W. Moon)

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  • Nice article, thanks for linking. I think Pete needs to show more trust in the passing game. We were conservative and still had 3 turnovers on Sunday. When you have a defense as good as ours at getting the ball back (barring some 3rd down situations :roll: ) and are capping other teams scoring to the degree we are (ranked #2?) I don't think the prevention of turnovers should be such a focal point on offense, cause sometimes they're unavoidable, as we found out. Wilson only threw 3 last year playing far more openly than he is now, if he doesn't see something developing, he's going to use his legs or throw it away, I really don't see the turnover numbers changing too drastically by opening up the game for him, in fact, the only numbers that will drastically change are passing yards, and if he feels he can handle more, I have no reason not to trust him.

    Here's hoping for a breakout game this weekend, fifth time lucky eh!
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  • Us playing conservative and still having 3 turnovers I think is a great point.. But I feel like Pete is trying to turn this team into what the 49ers have already become. Which honestly I have no problem with, but on plays where we NEED to get a first down, we gotta take the training wheels off and let Wilson sling the ball like he did in the pre-season

    But wtf do I know?
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  • Doesn't PC realize that a 3 and out is the cousin of the INT or Fumble?
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  • Not meaning to turn this into yet another Flynn vs. Wilson thread, but I felt PCs mantra of ball control stymied Flynn's ability to (conclusively) win the starting spot in the pre-season. One poster was kind enough (sort've) to post a youtube of all of Flynn's throws as a Packer. If you look at Flynn's throws in GB, he was clearly more comfortable and just looked much looser than the tentative Flynn we saw dinkin and doinkin as a pre-season Hawk. This, IMO, had little to do with GBs line or their WRs (other than familiarity with them added to his level of comfort) but more to do with the fear of turning the ball over and losing the battle for the 1 spot.

    Whether we ultimately go with Flynn, or stay with Wilson, Pete needs to let these guys go and understand TOs will happen. Yes, we hate them...but you can't expect these guys to be fluid and make sometimes difficult throws / decisions without them. Pete, like Billick, has the thought process of "we have a killer D, just don't turn the ball over and we'll be fine". I suggest Pete lighten up and say "we have a killer D, if our QB makes the occaisional mistake, our D will rise up and we will be fine".

    Pete's current method would actually make more sense if our D was crap, IMO.
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  • Pete wouldn't even "open the playbook" for Hasselbeck.

    He wants QBs to play "within the system" and once they show they can do that effectively he will add more to it.

    Problem is our QBs have been below average for a while.

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  • Hawk Strap wrote:I like to "put things in quotation marks." I have "bad hygiene" and "don't own a toothbrush"

    and "pop my whiteheads with a compass that I used in high school".

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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