NFL fantasy live says cowboys "haven't allowed a rec TD"

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  • Just now on NFL network....I guess that TD to McCoy from Wilson didn't count either
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  • But that's against the lowly Seahawks so it doesn't count :roll:
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  • I guess that should have been overruled by the real refs as well. Crap it sounds like we should be 0-4 after 3 weeks I it just hasn't been for those darn replacement refs....,
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  • MdHawk225 wrote:Just now on NFL network....I guess that TD to McCoy from Wilson didn't count either

    They meant a TD to a WR. Only two passing TD's they've allowed have been to tight ends (Bennett and McCoy)

    But it's probably more fun to think the media hates Seattle. :th2thumbs:
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  • Oh ok...I went back numerous times because I thought thats what they were talking bout....but I never heard "wr"..but thanks for the correction
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  • Wait... I can still hate all those pathetic lying spineless cowards with all of my being until I die right?
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  • Doesn't count unless you have a "real" quarterback. Errybody knows that.
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  • I heard that too and it made me think.. But I never heard them say to a WR. All I heard was they never allowed a passing touchdown
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  • It wasn't really a pass, Russell Wilson just ran it down to him, handed it to him, then ran back behind the line of scrimmage and celebrated.
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  • It really was not a pass....Wilson was just trying to throw the ball away when it slipped out of his hand and luckily McCoy was able to grab it so it was really just a long fumble. :sarcasm_off:
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  • Just realized this is a fantasy football post.
    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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