Robert Turbin and Russell Wilson predict their Madden rating

For all of our NFL Fantasy and gaming enthusiasts. LANGUAGE RATING: PG

  • These crack me up!

    Russell is nerdy as ever. And he knows he is better than everyone just like us.

    Turbs is a crack up and Muhammed Sanu is funny as hell.
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  • LOL, I did like the "it dosen't matter what ya rate me....I am going to boost them all up anyway"
    Welcome to Mr. Wilson's Magic Show
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  • Turbin was hilarious!
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  • 1000 sounds pretty fair, I think.
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  • Link for apple users please!
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  • Sanu: "My hands, I have good hands."
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  • 1000 OK

    Turbin does need to work on his kicking though...
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  • GooD stuff Turbin is a funny guy.
    "Tracy Porter lost his manhood when Marshawn stiff armed him" some dude on youtube.
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  • Russell nerdy!? You have some explaining to do OP..
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  • whats really funny about this video is that Flynn is handing the ball off to Tubin lol
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  • Loved it, thanks for posting that! :) Turbin is a comedian, and he plays it so straight but you can tell he's kiddin.
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  • therealjohncarlson wrote:Russell nerdy!? You have some explaining to do OP..

    Russell is so nerdy! Haha like in a sorta awkward way not like in a gamer nerd way. It was the way he made the short joke I think.
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