Check out my Fantasy team....thoughts?

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Check out my Fantasy team....thoughts?
Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:10 am
  • Vet, I saw during the draft that you're in this league, should be pretty fun...My buddy started it, glad we got some .netters in! Lotsa smack talk, hehe


    Peyton Manning
    Greg Jennings
    Terrell Owens
    Chris Chambers
    Matt Forte
    Thomas Jones
    Greg Olsen
    Stephen Gostkowski
    New York

    Matt Hasselbeck
    Deion Branch
    Ricky Williams
    Brian Robiskie
    David Akers

    edit: Homer picks were more about keeping my friend from picking them hehe...(plus they could turn out pretty good?)
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Re: Check out my Fantasy team....thoughts?
Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:08 pm
  • branch vs. nickel corner could be an interesting matchup. branch may have the upper hand there and gain some good looks. Williams isn't going to cut it I think as a 3rd White or Lewis available?
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  • I wouldn't bother carrying a backup kicker or defense. I would recommend dropping them for depth at RB.
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  • Decent starters, but a horrible bench IMO. I think you need some depth at RB, and maybe WR also - you can go upside or consistency and be better off than you are now.
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  • RE: the kicker on bench and def. Was hoping a homer might want the D as trade bait(or even NY if the hawks do all right same with grats or akers...

    Was gonna stew a bit on changing RB/WR's around...maybve through trading a K and a D or something...
    Have two other leagues so if this one doesn't pan out :-)

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Re: Check out my Fantasy team....thoughts?
Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:59 am
  • Man..I just got my post wiped out.. start over..

    Which league is this?

    My advice.. dump Branch.. Hurt and 3rd WR.. pick up Bess or Camarillo (Miami WRs). Which ever plays opposite Ginn will have 6 to 9 points a week..good enough to back up and will be very consistant.

    Dump Ricky and get Mike Bell (N.O.). Pierre Thomas is hurt. Mike Bell will get the start and majority of carries and if he does well, Thomas may not get his job back when healthy. If its PPR, consider Faulk as well. People laugh, but he had 56 catches last year..thats 3 points plus a week plus the actual yardage on the catches.

    Like everyone said..get rid of extra kicker and defense.. at this point hunt for sleepers. Joe Crib actually won a starting WR position in Cleveland..he is worth a look.. Devery Henderson is a good fill in type WR..very hit and miss but when covering your 'bye' weeks its not a bad gamble.
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