Would you buy a product with a suggested 50% failure rate?

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Would you buy product knowing it could fail on you?

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Depends on the product
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  • Obviously I'm talking about the Xbox 360 which by many is one of the best systems out there (I'm not in the camp) but I want to know if you can really argue that with all the problems that it has faced in its 3 year history.

    Games aside if you can; would you ever buy a product that had over a 50% failure rate?

    I know that many people have turned/exchanged their systems in again and again... but there have been some people that have stopped supporting the system. Why is that? Are the games too good that it's okay to go through the problems? When is it too much? Once, twice, four times?

    Could any other product other than a console live through such an stigma? Normally, I'd think not but I'd really like to know what people have to say.
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  • You know where i stand on the issue. If you need more clarification as to why, just ask.
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  • I selected the option that was, depends on the product. And now that I know the product now, I would say yes because it is very good when it does work.
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  • I'm somewhere in 'Meh' territory. I think the games are certainly relevant... Use the good ole parachute analogy. Would you skydive if the parachute failure rate was 50%? Wouldn't be in love with the situation, but if I had to jump out of a plane I'd rather have one than not. I think Microsoft went pretty craptastic with the 360, but it's got its upside. Game library and user community factor in. I'd rather have PS3 reliability (assuming it's all that), but I doubt I'd get as much mileage out of that console.
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