Madden 12 Seahawk Player Ratings (Full)

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Madden 12 Seahawk Player Ratings (Full)
Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:47 pm
  • EA Sports has released the madden 2012 player ratings for the Seahawks. First thing you’ll notice is that the rosters have not been updated since free agency started. This of course will not be fixed until the initial day of release patch. So for now you’ll have to pretend that Matt Hasselbeck is still the starting QB for the Seahawks and that Zach Miller, Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery never signed with Seattle in the offseason. I will include these guys in the list below.

    Here are some of the notable players and their overall ratings.


    T. Jackson 72 (Madden 11)
    C. Whitehurst 73


    M. Lynch 81
    J. Forsett 77
    L. Washington 75


    Sidney Rice 87 (Madden 11)
    M. Williams 83
    G. Tate 71


    Z. Miller 89
    J. Carlson 76


    R. Gallery 87
    R. Okung 83
    M. Unger 79
    J. Carpenter 76
    J. Moffitt 74


    D. Hawthorne 83
    A. Curry 82
    L. Hill 79


    C. Clemons 87
    B. Mebane 85
    R. Brock 79
    C. Cole 78


    M. Trufant 87
    E. Thomas 82
    K. Jennings 76
    K. Chancellor 69

    Some low ratings obviously. The one that stands out to me the most has to be Kam Chancellor. He’s been performing very well in practice this preseason and he’s going to surprise a lot of people in the league. By the time the playoffs roll around he’ll be near the 80′s, much like Earl Thomas is now. Seattle is a team in Madden that could be much improved by the time the final roster update comes around. With such a young corps the people that determine the ratings don’t really have much to go on and would rather guess low than miss high on guys like Kam, Carpenter, Moffitt and Mike Williams, who at 83 isn’t rated poorly, but still below expectations.

    Full ratings for each player can be found here ... -seahawks/
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  • Lynch with a 96 trucking and 99 stiffarm is gonna be a beast!!! Lol
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