NHL 11

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NHL 11
Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:31 pm
  • Anyone playing this? Having finished Mass Effect 2 (And I can never sit through an entire second or third playthrough just to see a few different cut-scenes over the course of another twenty hours or so of rehashed gameplay), it's become my latest time sink.

    Digging me some Be a Pro mode. Hockey Trav was drafted, sadly, by the Edminton Oilers in the 3rd round. After a decent pre-season, made the team. Tons of fun, though I wish there were some way to speed things up when you're not on the ice.

    Have one regular season game to my career totals. Playing an Offensive Defenseman, and got my first assist over the course of a 6-0 freak buttwhupping of the Flames.

    It was a pretty annoying assist, actually. I had a ton of free time, so blasted the crap out of a Happy Gilmore shot on the net. Cogliano clipped the puck as it zipped by, deflecting it roughly half an inch into the corner of the net it was headed for already. He gets the goal, mass celebration, lusty groupies, etc... I get a pat on the ass and a 'Nice Assist'. Jerk.

    Also got my first PIMS after Bouwmeester, apparently thinking I looked too much like Maxime Talbot, started jacking with me after the whistle one too many times for my taste. I got pissed off and bum rushed him. After what was probably the wimpiest slap-fest in the history of the NHL, I dropped the dude. Five for fighting. Totally worth it.

    Don't think I'm in any danger of becoming an ice thug, though. I'm in the ballpark of Patrick Kane on the 'Physically Imposing' scale.
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Re: NHL 11
Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:13 pm
  • Sounds like an awesome game. The last NHL game I played was 09 on the PS3 I'm quite sure it was the debut of the Be a Pro mode. Sounds like they've made a lot of improvements and I'll probably check it out.
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Re: NHL 11
Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:58 pm
  • Yeah, I think 09 was the last one I played, too. They've added board play -- Not sure if that's new or something from '10, which I skipped.

    (My board play thus far primarily consists of my being smashed against them and trying to feebly kick the puck free.)
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Re: NHL 11
Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:06 pm
  • I rented it some time ago. Love be a pro...wish I had never wasted time on the management mode...

    Hockey Smurf was drafted #1 overall. I lead the Silvertips to a championship leading the team in assists, goals and +/- in the playoffs. In pre-season I rode the bench on the 4th line, played sparingly for about 3 games. In the 4th game I got on the ice for a line change and scored quickly. After I won the faceoff (and a teammate lost the puck) I was called in for a line change. I ignored the call, crashed towards the puck, won it back and fed it to an open teammate for the goal.

    Next game I was put into the second line, and then the first. When I returned the game I was leading the NHL ins goals, assists and ignoring line changes (or Long shifts as they call them). I had also been demoted to 2nd string in what the GM said in an email was "an attempt to spark the second line"...

    Fun game.
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Re: NHL 11
Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:25 pm
  • Can you relocate teams in NHL 11?

    Can you use your "create-a-team" and swap them in for a NHL team?
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Re: NHL 11
Thu May 19, 2011 3:17 pm
  • I love this game trav...Be a pro is awesome but they sent me to buffalo :( ha ha
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