Anybody win or lose because of Mike Vick?

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  • Heard a few stories about guys with a 40 point lead in FF, who wake up and find they have been beaten by Vick's amazing night.
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  • I started Vick last night, and my crappy fantasy day (53 points with Maclin and Vick to play) turned into 122 by the end.
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  • I won, actually I kicked a**. Already had 99 points before his performance. Vick alone got me 59 points!

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  • I lost a game to Vick..
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  • I was down 80 after a no-show performance from Aaron Hernandez with Vick and McCoy to play. McCoy I figured was good for 30, Vick for 30, and was counting on 15-20 from Hernandez, which would have brought it close. And then...Vick...I'm not even sure there is a proper adjective / verb combination for what Vick did, but he ended up getting me almost 63, and McCoy was solid as usual for right around 30, netting me the win.
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