The Ending of Dexter -- SPOILERS

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The Ending of Dexter -- SPOILERS
Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:29 am
  • So, I shotgunned the final season of Dexter Sunday night. I thought it was a pretty good season, but the final episode was weak; and only because of the final two minutes, or so. I'm not happy with the way it ended. They almost had a great ending, with Dexter driving his boat into the hurricane. I always expected Dexter to either die, or get caught, for the show ending. Neither happened. Instead, the writers screwed up in a big way and gave us freaking "Lumberjack Dexter".

    Are you kidding me? The woman he loves is alive and caring for his son, he finally started turning a corner and experiencing real emotions, and they make him fake his own death so he can live alone and not ruin anymore lives like he did Rita's and Debra's. I was fine with how Debra died, though I think the clot-induced stroke was a little on the lame side, being shot to death in a blaze of glory would have been better; but it seems appropriate that she died. I liked her character, but damn, she suffered a LOT for Dexter over the seasons.

    I think the overall show was fantastic. They didn't draw it out excessively, something that a lot of shows suffer from. I'd give it a 9.2 or so out of 10. One of my favorite shows ever. The ending, however, I'd give around a 6.0. Maybe marginally above mediocre. If they had just stopped with him driving into the storm so he's dead to end the show with, that would have been a lot better; or killed him in pretty much any way for that matter.

    Thoughts from others who have watched the finale?
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Re: The Ending of Dexter -- SPOILERS
Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:59 am
  • I too thought the ending was weak. I complained to my wife about it for a week...

    The more I thought about the Deb death, the more appropriate it was. Dexter not only killed her figuratively, but in the end, literally.
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