Make a underprivileged seahawks fan+(wife) dream come true.

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  • I grew up an only child. From the age of seven I had to take care of myself while my mom worked 3 jobs. My father had divorced my mom when I was 1, was apart of my life but never filled allot of the role a father should.

    I was never allowed to play football. Parents too scared I'd get hurt, and from that I never watched it.

    Until high school... 2005 I meet some guy at church shaun Alexander, someone tells me to get his autograph. I obey and give it to my best friend who then takes me under his wing to teach me how to enjoy the hawks.

    I fall in love with my home town team, band Wagoner at the time, but it ignited a passion for the seahawks.

    Skip to 2013.

    I work at a gym, as the weekend manager. The last game I watched 100% with the love of my life at home was the gb game in 2012. Assuming we take care of business I want to surprise my wife with tickets to the NFCC game.
    Both of us have never attended and would rep the 12 th man in our jerseys. I just want a chance to make some noise.

    If I get tickets I can get sunday off.

    Ty for reading I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Go hawks!!!
    "I don't know much, but I imagine that stomping my way through a field of seven-year-olds is the closest I'll ever feel to being Marshawn Lynch. Despite being limited to ten rushes, Lynch mowed through defenders like Zach Efron running into a bachelorette party in Vegas." -@JacsonBevens
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