Find Seahawks game tickets, merchandise and memorabilia or sell yours here. RATING: PG
Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:36 am
  • All,
    Please note that one of the rules we have for using this board to sell tickets is that you do NOT try to sell for profit. This is the home of the 12th man and the intent is to ensure any tickets you have to sell end up with someone that wants to rep our team and enjoy the game in your absence. If you want to profit from your ticket sales, there are several excellent sites to do just that.

    So, please list your tickets for sale only at face value or below. Others will be deleted and blocked from selling in the future. Thanks!

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  • RockHawk wrote:So, please list your tickets for sale only at face value or below. Others will be deleted and blocked from selling in the future. Thanks!

    Read this post TWICE before posting. This doesn't mean post tickets for sale with a "PM me for details", or a price of "Fair Market Value", or anything of the sort. This means FACE VALUE. We do realize that there are instances that fees are higher, or actual face values are higher due it being a playoff game. PM me and we'll discuss it before they are posted and I will make an exception for that particular sale.

    If you want to sell your tickets for a profit, or "Fair Market Value", please do so on another site. We realize that those sites charge a fee to sell, but those fees cover all of their liability costs of selling third party tickets, the costs of running their service, the costs of putting your tickets in the faces of millions of potential buyers, etc.

    If this rule continues to be broken, this forum will get set so that all posts have to be approved before the posting actually shows up.
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  • Attention all members:

    The criteria for posting ANYTHING for sale in the classifieds forum is a minimum post-count of 50.

    - Any postings made by a user with less than 50 posts on Seahawks.NET will be promptly deleted without explanation.

    - If you are looking for tickets or Seahawks merchandise there is no minimum post count requirement.

    As indicated in the posts above, the selling of tickets to any games must be done within the rules stated clearly above. If you have further questions or inquiries about .NET policies, do not hesitate to contact us using your private messages function.


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  • I love it, I am so happy to see this sort of policy being enforced here, it's hard enough trying to find tickets available and for some of us who would love nothing more than to gather up the wife and kids (all die-hard Seahawk fans from birth) and head off to Seattle for game, we have to try and time it when the finances somehow become available as well as finding a date that everyone can get away from their jobs without getting fired or playing sick lol. Point being that when I can spring for tickets for my clan I really appreciate that at least here I have a shot at scoring some at a price I can afford. On my budget even the nosebleed seats are a stretch, but when your in the Seahawks house there is no such thing as a bad seat to be had :).
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