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$65 fan tickiets on sale July 31st at Century Link Stadium

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  • I read through the overview or guidelines regarding ticket sales on and I believe that I'm in keeping with them with my proposal.

    The "RULES" suggest that members should not profit from ticket sales and that the rational for ticket sales are to try and see that true Seahawk fans are afforded an opportunity to attend games at a fair price.
    I see that on Monday July 31st the Seahawks are hosting a promotion for fans at Century Link Stadium, where fans can purchase up to 4 game tickets each for $65.00 per ticket.

    I already purchased tickets for my wife and I to attend a preseason game and I'm content if that is the only game we are able to afford to attend this year, but a guy can dream and I thought it would be really cool if we could get to one or two of the season games this year too.

    I live about 800 miles round trip away from Seattle and as much as I'm willing to drive that distance to be there on Monday and have a shot at getting some of these tickets, it's not in the cards with my work schedule and not being able to provide my boss with enough notice to take the day off.

    So I got to thinking that if a fan who lives there in or close by to Seattle, and like myself can't squeeze the money out of my budget to buy game tickets at cost, wanted to get a few tickets to the game this year, that I'd offer to pay for the cost of 4 tickets and ask to get two of them or to pay for 8 tickets and give 4 of them to a fan/fans willing to help a brother out in this manner.

    I figure 8 tickets would cost $520.00 plus tax, and that it would require two fans being in attendance at the field during the ticket sale, or 4 tickets would cost $260.00 plus tax. I would cover the cost in either event and ask that the 12/s that purchased the tickets would keep half of them for their bother and provide my wife and me with the remaining tickets.
    I figure that there might just be a fan or two out there who would like to get in a couple of games this season and like myself just doesn't have the extra dollars to spare to get to them otherwise.

    I don't see any other way that 12s can get in on these tickets without being there in person or I would be all over it. If the site admins find this proposal in any way to be violations of the ticket sales rules feel free to delete my post and please accept my apologies, I assure you that I value this forum and would not ever intentionally violate the rules.
    This post might also trigger a few other members to want to do the same.

    If everyone plays fair it’s a way for folks that are to far away from Seattle to get in on the deal and a way for locals who would like to attend games, but not able to afford to do so otherwise, to get themselves seats in the house as well. A true win win for everyone involved including the Seahawks.

    Please PM me if this sounds like a winner to you as well. Also if you have any other ideas as far as being able to access these tickets through some other avenue that I'm unaware of would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Go Seahawks !
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