Teenage Seahawk goes beastmode in guys yard (video link)

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  • Wow! Amazing he managed to get so close! And right outside his front door!
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  • Birds of prey are awesome to watch. My wife loves watching birds in our backyard and has several feeders. The family favorite are the Northern Flickers. I came home early one day last summer and caught a glimpse of an orange flash in the back yard. Went down to investigate and a hawk had snatched an adult Northern Flicker ( Wood Pecker) mid air and pinned it to the ground and was tearing out the feathers on it's neck. I was standing on our deck watching this. I called my wife at work and explained what was going on and she freaked. Told me to STOP IT!!. Went fown to investigate, the hawk was pissed and left, flicker was laying there on his back with his neck twisted at a 90 degree angle and laying next to his left wing. His eyes kept blinking though. I tried to put him in a box, he snapped out of the death state he was in and flew off. It was a cool experience in my back yard.
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