Preference: Same Bed or Seperate Beds?

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  • RolandDeschain wrote:Of course, you're not drawing attention to yourself by letting everyone know you got banned from the shack to draw a reaction, then responding to said reaction, right?

    It's alright, Pe, I'm sure nobody else saw what you did there.

    I'll leave the thread now so you can pretend you merely wanted honest down-to-Earth discussion in the first place.

    I saw, I saw!

    Failed to care, but still...

    Back on topic, noticing things and not realizing I should be motivated in some way by them is probably a key point of contention in my marriage AND my sleep arrangements. I'm kinda socially oblivious like that.
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  • That's called "Larry David" syndrome, Trav. And the Smack Shack comment was more my juvenile, teenage-level rebellion and an actual disclaimer to keep it on the up n up.

    I had a "friend" stay over last night. I read in bed with her for about an hour, until she was totally out, then got up and shuffled off to the spare room. So, really, she got to fall asleep with someone. Good 'nuff.
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