Enumclaw, is there anything cool to do there?

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  • besides drink myself into oblivion? I am stuck up there thursday night thru sunday for dogshows :D (shut up)

    Arer there any cool places to shoot photos or.....anything?
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  • Your sister?
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  • There are some nice views of Mt Rainier. Hike Mt. Peak. The Expo center is right next to a (kind of crappy but cheap) golf course. You could go to Flaming Geyser state park...it should be hot, maybe float the green river.

    Otherwise, just drink yourself into Oblivion. I suggest The Crystal, but a lot of people like the Yella Beak for some reason.
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  • There's that one horse.
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  • A good friend of ours works for Mutual of Enumclaw and they have a big office there. Perhaps they would give you a tour,,,,,,


    Are you participating in the show? If so what kind of dog? You should know dogs are way more interesting than most of our posters.

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  • The Kasey Kahne store...
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  • When we were building out the new hospital there, we'd always stop by this place. Great food.

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  • yeah I am a participating spectator for my 2 girls (Norwegian Elkhounds) but lots of boring downtime before and after. Thanks for the advice everyone !
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  • Go for a glider ride! Puget Sound Soaring has been around for years and is just a few miles northeast of Enumclaw. If the weather is good, it would be a great way to kill some time.



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  • Twisted beat me to it, but go to the Rainier Bar & Grill and eat their food. You'll thank us later.
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  • pehawk beat me to it
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  • There's a McDonalds
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