Samsung Galaxy or iPhone?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone?
Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:10 pm
  • m0ng0 wrote:
    samwize77 wrote:
    m0ng0 wrote:serious question, not wanting to get into this little feud, but what are the pro's/con's of jailbreaking my I phone 5?

    All the different apps that are out there that the App Store doesn't have. That MIWI app I have is a 3rd party app. Creates a wifi hotspot through the 4s connection. Works great!! Lots of other apps out there also, but I tend to keep my gadgets as clutter free as possible.

    Thanks ! WIFI hotspot is the one thing I really miss since I went to the 5 from an android.

    Sorry more stupid questions, does that keep me from getting OS updates? Can I still have the nerds at the apple store still work on my phone if its jailbroken?

    Yes, Jailbraking your phone prevents you from updating to the newest iOS because it would basically wipe your phone (and its jailbreak) to bring it to the latest iOS.

    You have to wait for the Jailbreak community to come with a way to have an updated version of the iOS with a jailbrake.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone?
Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:19 pm
  • FWIW, in preparation for the Nexus 5 release, Google has dropped the Nexus 4 (8gb) by a hundred bucks to $199 w/out contract.

    I've had one since they released, and while I liked the S3 a little more and I'm sure the S4 is even better, at this point, as far as hardware goes, I basically don't think any of these high end smartphones are worth that much more than any other one (unless you want a Note II for the screen size, or an iphone b/c you're just an Apple person).

    The other nice thing about just getting unlocked 4 or 5 is that you're off contract, and are ultimately just going to be paying less over time (I was paying 40 bucks a month for unlimited everything month-to-month on Tmobile until a moved to Canada a month ago).
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