A question regarding the honor code of a friend

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  • Ok, need some advice.

    I work for a very laid back, small but growing company that pays well, has a liquor cabinet, fridge is stocked with beer, great benefits, wonderful management that is hell bent on training and promoting from within, great structure and basically everything I could ask for in a company. Of all of my friends, myself and two others are the only ones in stable, well paying jobs that we are happy with. The rest, literally, all the rest, bug me about getting them a job.

    What are my obligations here? I am not sure any of them are the right mix of skills plus mentality to fit in the company because if you hire the wrong person they take advantage of the freedom, and everyone suffers. Then again, I am not in HR, so its not for me to really judge.

    I don't want to endorse guys that have had George Costanza-like flameouts at companies because it makes me look bad. I'd told one of these guys a year ago that I'd refer them if they ever were looking to change their job, at the time the guy was doing great, since then he's got fired, is on thin ice at his current job and has been popped for a DUI but still remembers that standing offer.

    Is it also possible that I know these people too well, all their demons and missteps to judge them fairly?

    I'd prefer to stay out of the process entirely, forfeit any bonus and recommend that they apply through the website so that they are judged as any other applicant would. I'd prefer to just be honest with them and tell them what I'm thinking. Is that a dick move either way?
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  • This is simple. If you have a hunch that you shouldn't do it, don't do it.
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  • Well said.
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  • If your friendship is based on getting them a job, it's not much of a friendship. I agree with the others. Don't do it.
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  • Don't do it!! What happens when you recommend someone is that you now become responsible for them. If they screw up it could reflect on you!

    And what happens if they become subordinates of your's? You wanna deal with that?

    If you still aren't convinced and want to recommend someone, one of the main things to think about is whether your friend will 'fit in' with your fellow workers. In a small business it is imperative.
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  • I didn't need to read anything past the George Costanza reference, honestly. It'd bite both you and them in the butt.
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  • Good advice so far. Very dangerous stuff. You could lose both a friend and a job. And if someone is leveraging you for a job, they're not much of a friend. Sure they could ask, but if you're honest and say you'd rather not, a real friend will get over his resentment.

    What I tend to tell people is sure, you can apply, but if they ask me about you, remember I'm a crappy liar. ;)
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  • Thanks for the advice, confirming what I was leaning toward.
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  • I always suggest they need to go through the normal hiring process and allow you to be used as a reference. Then if the time comes you have the opportunity to voice your views only to your own people.

    The only exception I ever made was if I knew someone with a specific skill set that would help my employer. Then I might talk to my manager about them and suggest they give them a look.

    Other than that,,,merely tell them you have little or no say in the hiring process they need to go through the normal process.

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  • People repeatedly begging you to get them a cushy job aren't friends.
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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with helping someone get their foot in the door. Something along the lines of "I know a guy who I think would do a good job and fit in well here". He's still going to have to submit a resume/application and go through the interview process, right? It's not like they're going to just hire the dude right then and there, sight unseen, based on your recommendation and if it doesn't work out it's all your fault.

    Obviously, I would only do that if I really did believe that that person was going to do a good job and fit in well.
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  • Can you get me a job, friend?
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  • I recommended someone for a job once. Once.
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  • You'll always want to be able to help your friends, but it is their own responsibility to find work, with or without your help. If it jeopardizes anything about your job, don't do it imo.
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  • So um dude, can you get me a job?
    Seriously, what's it like to work for a company like that? Must be incredible. My last 2 companies have been the exact opposite due in part to being huge corporations with an endless array of middle management morons trying to constantly justify their existence when in reality they have meetings for a living. And btw, don't freakin' do it man.
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  • You're a shitty friend. Get your homies a job you ass!

    JK, yeah, that's a terrible idea. Put in a good word and get them a job with one of your suppliers or business/strategic partners or something, but not in the actual place where you actually work. That way you've hooked them up (so you're a good friend), but there's an extra layer of insulation between you and the stink if they happen to shit the bed...
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