Are there words that you find offensive?

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Do words offend you?

I'm offended by no words
I'm offended by certain words, but only in certain context
I'm offended by certain words no matter the context
Total votes : 42

  • The "sticks and stones" saying is asinine, because virtually every one of us has been hurt far more by something non-physical (break-up with a beloved g/f, parent dying in a bad way, etc.) than by something physical. I don't mean to diminish anyone's physical pain if they have some serious problems with their body or anything, but I think you know what I mean.
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  • The part I don't understand is why there's a need to shield people from being offended. Obviously, there's extreme words/scenarios with a clear intent of harm. But, in todays society, there's faux outrage over accidental or perceived offense. Its assinine.

    There's also a double standard. I did a little stand up, and, in general, it was a "no-no" to use the "N" word as white AND unfunny. Okay, fine, but when/if I did use a slur it was part of an act. How is that any different than an actor saying it, or screenwriter writing it? Its not.

    Brett Ratner lost the Oscar gig for saying "fag" on radio. If he had an actor say "fag" in Tower Heist, that's "okay".

    My point? I'm dumb, so there's not a point. Other than most of the "offended" aren't really offended.
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  • Ryan... not to diminish what you're saying and possibly offend you in some way (heh heh), but have you found your views on certain things (whether words or not.... but say violence, or just general jackassery) has changed since you became a father?

    I know we can't protect our kids from it forever, and they live in a real world, where real awful crap happens, and people get hurt. But does your heart ache a little at certain situations and you just think, "Now's not the time for this"? I just am honestly wondering if I went through some magical transformation the day I became a fourth grade teacher, and it only deepened nine years ago when my son was born and then even to another level entirely four years ago when my daughter was born, or what the hell happened? I just seem to be a totally different person. I am not "offended" by much of anything. Try being a Mormon. We're nailed with a constant barrage of silliness (and that's how I take it, because I know people are just messing with me to get a rise). But the kid thing is something that has really changed for me. I don't do the mock "offense" and overly PC bologna. There are just some things that set me off. I find I've turned into that old man who yells at the teenagers speeding through the neighborhood and throws a rock at their car to get their attention. I don't know if that is offense really, but I get really agitated. I just can't stand it when a kid comes to me and tells me their parent called them every name in the book and they feel worthless. It makes me angry. I guess that's offense. I get offended for others then. It has been steadily building for about the last 15 or so years, and it is out of character for me, but I think the kid thing just changes the whole conversation.
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  • I haven't really changed my stance on things, YET. I'm sure it'll come soon. For now, I'm able to keep my douchey, self-important view. BUT, my daughter's still young and sheltered.
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  • Maybe it'd be different if I had daughters.

    Hell, half of the time if anyone is pressuring or offending my kids... It's me. Don't have time to write out the novel length rant version, but basically: I challenge them without malicious intent, knowing what they can usually handle and to what degree going beyond that will move toward making them better equipped with the real world version of Dealing with Morons and Jackasses.

    I suppose I end up thrown over into Bad Parent territory, but I 'shelter' my kids minimally if at all. I'll let em deal, assuming nobody is about to literally get killed, then ask 'em about their thoughts, reasons, etc later. Why did you think he said that? What's it mean to you? Why?

    Again, maybe it'd be different with a daughter, but I like to think I'd want a girl every bit as thoughtful/self-reliant/tough as any dude. Hell, more so.
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  • Whenever Hawkstrap says something sucks.
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  • Yes, "Jim Harbaugh".
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  • "Offense is the collateral damage of free speech" - Ricky Gervais, yesterday, on Opie and Anthony.

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  • "Please get out of the car." I hate hearing that expression!
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  • LymonHawk wrote:"Please get out of the car." I hate hearing that expression!

    I hate it more when it's "OUT OF THE CAR!! NOW!!!"
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