Worst, Unbearable physical pain you've endured ??

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  • FlyingGreg wrote:I've been pretty lucky to never have anything as bad as a lot of what you guys have described. Geesh!

    I think plantar fasciitis takes the cake for me. That SUCKED. Or perhaps being in the dental chair so long during a bone graft that the drugs wore off right when the doc was drilling my sinus lift... I'm pretty sure my foot twitching got his attention, if not my whimper. "Oh geesh its been 90 mins, no wonder you are feeling that"...

    Lol, Navy docs!

    LOL, you shoulda grabbed a hand full of his testicles, and told him that "We are going to do everything we can to try'n not hurt each other ,right Doc?" :16:
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  • I have an autoimmune disease that occasionally causes localized blood clots in my feet and ankles. Eventually they form ulcers in the skin, some of which could be about the size of a quarter. They take weeks to heal and can be excruciating. It's like what I would imagine having a flaming hot knife plunged repeatedly into your foot would feel like. Fun times!
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