Have you ever had 1 Song Imprint on You?

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  • I was nine in 1982, we took a trip from WA to Greely, CO in the 1979 AMC Concord woody wagon to see relatives. Two weeks of the best arcade experiences of my life (I lived for video games back then). "Take It Away" by Paul McCartney was a big hit that month on AM radio.

    I only hear that song once in a great while (not surprising, it's not that great of a song) but when I do I'm in Raiders arcade in that college town in a sitdown cabinet of Sega's Turbo enjoying a life that no longer exists.
    "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."---LP Hartley
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  • m0ng0 wrote:
    hawksfansinceday1 wrote:
    m0ng0 wrote:as someone already said, there are thousands of songs that bring back a specific memory for me, comfortably numb when Dave plays his solo it makes me stop whatever it is I am doing just to listen to it........

    Maybe cuz it's just one of the greatest solos of all-time or something like that? :th2thumbs:

    I can watch this for days :D

    Saw them twice on this tour, San Diego and Pasadena April of '94 (Aw shit that makes me feel old cuz it was 19 years ago.....SIGH).
    Gilmour is one of my all-time favorite guitarists. His tone, phrasing and ability to create atmosphere is spectacular.
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