A very good Iowa joke

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A very good Iowa joke
Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:25 am
  • Have been born in Iowa tho not having been there since I was 11.(a damned long time ago)
    this tickled me. And pretty typical of our "sports only" attitude.

    : Iowa joke

    The year is 2020 and the United States has just elected the first woman as President of the United States.
    A few days after the election, the president-elect calls her father in Des Moines and asks, "So, Dad, I assume you will be coming to my inauguration?

    "I don't think so. It's a long drive; your mom isn't as young as she used to be, we'll have the dog with us, and my arthritis is acting up in my knee."

    "Don't worry about it, Dad, I'll send Air Force One or another support aircraft to pick you up and take you home, and a limousine will pick you up at your door," she said.

    "I don't know. Everybody will be so fancy. What would your mother wear?"

    "Oh, Dad," she replied, "I'll make sure she has a wonderful gown custom-made by one of the best designers in New York ."

    "Honey," Dad complained, "You know we can't eat those rich foods you and your friends like to eat."

    The President-elect responded, "Don't worry, Dad. The entire affair is going to be handled by the best caterer in D.C. And I'll ensure your meals are salt-free. Dad, I really want you to come."

    So her parents reluctantly agreed, and on January 20, 2020 they arrived to see their daughter sworn in as President of the United States.

    The parents of the new President are seated in the front row, right next to the Senate Majority Leader. The President-elect's dad leans over and whispers to the Senator, "You see that woman up there with her hand on the Bible, becoming President of the United States?"

    The Senator whispered in reply, "Yes, sir, I sure do."

    Dad says proudly,

    "Her brother played football for the Hawkeyes".
    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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Re: A very good Iowa joke
Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:45 am
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Re: A very good Iowa joke
Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:20 am
  • Bah, it's all about the Cyclones (my dad's alma mater).
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