Season 4 of Walking Dead and on...

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Re: Season 4 of Walking Dead and on...
Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:27 pm
  • Could have kept Merle around longer but I guess he had ran his course. I think I would go for Woodbury instead of the prison, especially since all the gates got jacked and they got a serious leak problem with the collapsed prison wall on the back end.

    I gather they didn't trust not knowing where the Governor went off to. I figure Herschel or one of his daughters is done for pretty soon, probably Maggie but more likely the younger one.

    Dang, T-Dog got ate up.. hee hee ..

    Lori and Andrea both going down was not something I thought would happen, but you knew Andrea was playing with fire. I kept waiting for the Governor to cap the dissenting couple. His two henchmen probably aren't feeling very comfy around him right about now.

    Wasn't going to watch this show but gave it a shot. Not bad. I usually hate zombie movies but this is much more than that so good job on bringing the story to TV.
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