Sciencey stuff-The solar system as a vortex....

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  • I love it when you guys post this sciencey stuff (even if it is wrong) because otherwise I would never come across it lol. Gets ya thinking
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  • sutz wrote:
    TriCHawk wrote:I saw this going around a few weeks ago. Pretty cool, but it's been debunked:

    Nice write-up there, and I see what he's saying. The guy (in the original link) gets many fundamentals wrong. Sorry.

    It's still a cool video, though.

    Its a slick video. As soon as I read the word "vortex," I questioned its legitimacy. The debunking link posted above describes it better as a helix, which it still wrong scientifically but better describes the motion in the video. The heliocentric model that we have is moving through space, so a correct video of that would probably look equally as cool and not be wrong. Somebody with some graphic design skills, get on that.
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