Weight Loss In Spurts?

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Re: Weight Loss In Spurts?
Wed May 08, 2013 7:11 am
  • sadhappy wrote:Two Sundays ago I did my first century ride - completed in 4:50, that's like 20.7mph average or something like that. my resting heart rate is down to 48!

    Now the bad news.

    Just before that I got a nerve pinch at c5/c6 surfing and after gutting it through the century ride and a couple more training rides I was finally ordered off the bike by my doctor. went from a pretty big high about being in the best shape since I was a teenager to barely being able to care for myself in just a few days time really. Chiro and NSADs/ice/rest/compression were ineffective so I start the steroids tomorrow, and if that doesn't work it's epidural time. Don't appear to be a candidate for a fusion just yet so there is that at least. But this pain frigging sucks. I want back on the bike.

    Getting old is a drag.

    Tell me about it. I have two useless knees from arthritis, lower back pain from favoring my worse knee on dead lift, and impingement in my shoulder. I tried running two sundays ago and my knee is still swollen. Can't run, squat, leg press, and I probably shouldn't dead lift. I'm running out of ideas! Can't wait till I'm 50 in another 20 years...

    Awesome job on the ride though, thats impressive! And a damn good resting heart rate, I was happy to get mine to 60.
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Re: Weight Loss In Spurts?
Wed May 08, 2013 7:28 am
  • Genes?

    A friend of mine is in his mid-forties but looks like he is in his mid-twenties. He has the worst diet I have ever seen. Multiple Toaster Strudels for breakfast every morning and Wendy's / fast food for lunch. He goes to the gym - 2-3 times per week for upper body strength training but never any cardio or leg/core work. His weight never fluctuates more than a couple pounds and is generally around 200 at 6'2". The dude benches about 340 and, despite no cardio, hardly gets winded when we run full court B-Ball once a month. He's also a programmer and rarely moves out of his chair during the day yet he is rocked up and in *visibly* great shape.

    I hate him. He's consistently pulling chicks less than half his age. His only dietary restriction is alcohol. He never drinks...ever.

    So is this guy a cardiac arrest waiting to happen or do some people just have the genes of Zeus?
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Re: Weight Loss In Spurts?
Wed May 08, 2013 7:39 am
  • @thunderhawk Yea I have a friend like that. dude is my age, drinks like a fish, doesn't watch what he eats, works out a couple times a week. the booze/hard living shows in his face i'm afraid, and also I when I talk to him I see the cognitive decline that is typical of heavy drinkers as they age (and one of the reasons I quit) but from the neck down he looks like a greek god. plus he's a sick graphic designer so he makes great money working as a freelancer from home, about two blocks from the beach. he owns his condo outright because he bought stock in apple when they were still pimping the mac classic.

    His chick is 15 years younger than him and totally smoking hot.

    I hate him.
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Re: Weight Loss In Spurts?
Wed May 08, 2013 7:42 am
  • Hahaha, haters.
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Re: Weight Loss In Spurts?
Wed May 08, 2013 7:50 am
  • @absolutnet sorry to hear about the knees bro. that sucks! Running is out of the question for me due to a bad left ankle...broke it one too many times at the skatepark. That's why I took to the bike when I made the decision to get fit.

    And thanks. I may not have won the genetic lottery but I was still able to turn back the clock quite a bit with some good old fashioned hard work. I'll learn from this thing; work on my posture plus make spinal flexibility a priority in my fitness regimen. yeah, that probably means some yoga classes so I can learn what poses I need and how to do them correctly.
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