Have you heard of World Ventures?(pyramid scam)

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  • It's suppose to be extremely very cheap holiday resorts but you have to invite people and they have to pay ridiculous fees for $300 entry then $50 for each additional month. I got tricked into going to one of their presentations and i saw clearly through the pyramid scam. They trick people into believing they are their own bosses and they just sit home all day while people that they recruited are out recruiting new people and pay the insane fees and you make free monthly income for every person that they invite also. I believe he called it "networking Something" and you get paid by residual income

    During the presentation me and my friend were reading some blogs online about how this is a scam. and it said something along the lines of "the way the booking works is their is a finite number of vacation areas and you can not end up going on vacation" even after you pay the fees. Even on the "contract" that you have to sign it says "You're not guaranteed to go on vacation".

    Me and my friend called him out on it and instead of arguing the points he says things like "Oh you know everything on the internet is not true" and then we just continued to find holes in his scam and instead of arguing the points he would just ridicule us like "Where do you work", "how much do you get paid", "We(The people on the program) are making more money than you" etc.....

    He was every sleazy salesman stereotype rolled into one.

    My Friend(that i did the research with) left than i stayed because one of my friends who played high school football(so I got to have his back)with me was there also and he was not sure, I kept telling my friend how its a scam and the moderator kept insulting me. He even called me a "Communist"......

    Things tensed up a lot, i Was just talking in the corner to my buddy and there was about 12 people already subscribed to the scam and they all knew if they got my friend to buy into the stupid program they would all benefit(financially) from it and thats all they cared about, getting their $300 that they invested. began cursing at me, calling me names. In all honestly I was ready to fight all 12 of them and beat all their asses, but I knew in the back of my head the moderator purposely tries to piss off "non-believers" just so I would swing at him and he would file a class action law suit.

    I felt like it was some sort of cult, im not exaggerating.....

    I live in North Texas and just wanted to give everyone in Seattle the heads up on this scam. Apparently there are like 40k+ members so far and the guy made it seem as if though this scam was going to expand like crazy.
    I'm just giving Sea-Town a heads up.

    Here is the math, Even though if you end up as one on the top of the pyramid, you will be fucking a lot of people over.
    Here are the numbers:
    Over 99000 families= would be earning nothing or losing money.
    580 families= would be earning about $4800 dollars a year.
    320 families = would be earning about 21,000 a year . (Sorry no car allowance or health benefits.)
    100 families – would earn on $59,000+ dollars a year (of those only 47 get the car not free of course just reimbursed)at 16 get the home.
    You’d better be amongst those100 families or you’re in trouble.

    You're going to have to decide whats more important, code of ethics and integrity of your fellow man or ripping them off to get money out of them.
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  • Yeah, I think you defined pyramid scheme in your first paragraph.

    But you know the old saying, "If it's sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

    Glad you didn't buy that crap.
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  • TriCHawk wrote:Yeah, I think you defined pyramid scheme in your first paragraph.

    But you know the old saying, "If it's sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

    Glad you didn't buy that crap.

    They aim for stupid teenagers who want money now, all they care is about profiting themselfs, they dont care about the other familys who buy into the scam will suffer and lose money. you will not believe how brain washed these people were. I was trying to convince other people to not buy this crap and the sales just kept insulting me and the 11 other "cultist" convinced them to ignore me. In fact one of my other friends started yelling at me outside. It was really tough, trying to help a dear old friend and they believe the stranger over you....

    I managed to get my friend i played high school football with out of the deal, but it took a lot of convincing.
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  • If you don't have any net worth and someone wants to give you a presentation you should tell them to shove it up their ass.

    Bottom feeders.
    I enjoy ruining threads by making them about personal attacks and then commenting about how personal attacks make the other person's argument invalid.

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