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Sciency stuff-Birth of a black hole caught by scientists?

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  • Astronomers may have finally seen a star become a black hole

    AS DINOSAURS STOMPED across ancient Earth more than 200 million years ago, a massive star was entering its death throes. The resulting cosmic explosion was so unusual, it left astronomers scratching their heads when its glow at last reached our planet last June.

    Now, the mysterious flash may have an origin story. Based on the latest observations of the strange supernova, nicknamed the Cow, a team of 45 astronomers argues that it may represent the first time humans have captured the exact moment a dying star gave birth to a black hole.

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    Where is the Cow, and why is it called that?

    The Cow exploded in the outskirts of CGCG 137-068, a dwarf spiral galaxy about 200 million light-years from Earth. It's called “the Cow” because of its formal, auto-generated name AT2018cow. A team of astronomers using Hawaii's ATLAS telescopes saw it on June 16, 2018, and flagged the object to other astronomers on June 17—triggering a rush of telescopes turning to point at the explosion.

    Apparently, NatGeo is getting more proprietary about their pics/images. :evil:
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