Las Vegas Shooting

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Re: Las Vegas Shooting
Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:43 am
  • SmokinHawk wrote:
    austinslater25 wrote:I realize I'm in the minority here but I think its more than possible that this guy did most of this all by himself from a hotel room with all the weapons he trucked up there and he could of made multiple trips to his room without looking suspicious especially in a place like Las Vegas. It wouldn't shock me at all though if he had some help logistically. Hopefully we find out soon enough.

    Did you read the article I linked? While it's possible that this guy was one of the shooters, there is a glut of evidence that demonstrates multiple shooters present. That said, I don't believe this was done with bump stocked AR-15s. The rate of fire with a bump stocked AR-15 is 800-900 rounds per minute. On all of the recordings, you can slow down the audio and count the gunshots. The weapons being fired are a steady 600 rounds per minute, and the deep, boomy report is not consistent with the relatively weak cartridge fired from an AR-15. It is, however, consistent both in acoustics and rate of fire, with a belt fed M-240 light machinegun.

    There's videos of gunfire coming from helicopters. There's videos of possible gunfire coming from a floor much lower to the ground. Paddock could have been a shooter, but he definitely wasn't the only shooter. If this were a case of a lone gunman popping a cork, we wouldn't be seeing the death of several eyewitnesses in the weeks following the attack.

    I have an AR15 with a bump stock and they are junk. They are a novelty item and often jam, or fail to feed. Maybe that's why he had 20+ rifles there, but seeing how they were perfectly placed for pictures that was released was a bit odd.
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