Paul Allen's yacht anchor tears up coral reef

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  • I'm sure most people have seen this on the news. Sucks that it happened but PA is being abused in the media.

    The port told the 35 man crew to anchor where they did. Reading peoples comments regarding the event just proves how ignorant most people are about PA's commitments to nature as well as the substantial financial commitments he has made to propel the research of how the human mind actually operates. I know for a fact that PA's non profit organization for the advancement of brain science (Allen Institute for Brain Science) held a seminar today with researchers from around the world to demonstrate what the institute is about and how to access the information the institute generates. This information is free, no strings attached.

    This entity will not generate a dime for what it discovers, it's goal is to be the "Manhattan Project" for brain science and eliminate the redundancy of basic private research and lay the foundation for and propel the independent research to cures for common brain ailments, like Alzheimer's, CTE and concussions.

    PA wont benefit from this research, but my kids will, as will every other human being in the future.

    That is thinking big and making a difference.

    PA is not some rich asshat that dropped anchor on a coral reef just because he could. Don't by in to the BS.

    Most people don't understand how lucky we as Washingtonians as well as Americans are to be able to call PA one of our own.
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