Can someone explain why the new MLB catch rule is a thing?

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  • So for those that dont know: ... 10253.html

    Ok so you have to keep control of the ball to your bare hand after you already caught it with your glove? But why? And why did the MLB create this stupid, stupid rule? I honestly dont know and am asking.

    When a player catches a ball with his glove, he has already caught it. End of story, period. That literally fits the most basic definition of the word catch. And its not like in the NFL where a player has to keep control of the ball through the whole motion, because last time I checked, a player in baseball can secure a catch and hold it without transferring it to their throwing hang. If a player catches a ball at the end of the inning and just leaves it in their glove when they trot in, is that now not considered a catch? Just a retarded rule that imo makes no sense
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  • Dunno, this will be gone next year.
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  • It came from the double play?
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  • Saw one on the tv where the catcher got the ball then bobbled it making the run safe. Maybe that is the presumption for that call.
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  • I think the rule has ALWAYS been there, but it hasn't been called. Now, when a drop on the transfer occurs, the umps are going back to the rule book and having to enforce it to make sure they get the call right.

    Replay is great, but MLB has botched this thing in about a thousand ways. First off, coach challenges are stupid. Why did they take the stupidest part of the challenge system from the NFL? Why is it a coach's responsibility to get a play called correctly? I could go on, but eh.
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