Thought it'd be loved on here, David Stern choking (Video)

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  • Dude looks like a lizard or mutt as he chokes on his water. The guy is a tool.
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  • Lot of backwash there David, what a tool. Who puts their lips around the bottle like that anyways.
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  • getnasty wrote:Lot of backwash there David, what a tool. Who puts their lips around the bottle like that anyways.

    David Stern, hookers, and a few strippers.
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  • Too bad the Grim Reaper didn't finish the job! :x

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  • If the words "to death" were truthfully added onto the thread title, would be the greatest thread in the history of this internet or any internet on other words or in alternate universes.
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  • Conditioned reflex. He normally takes it a bit deeper, but the camera was on him.
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  • HawKnPeppa wrote:Conditioned reflex. He normally takes it a bit deeper, but Clay Bennett was not there.

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  • holy crap i just laughed for about 10 minutes straight at the Vine someone posted. its NSFW, but5 absolutely hilarious. i wanna share it but its graphic. im sure you can guess.
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