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  • Curious to know if people like these guys. they are from TSN up here in Canada...personally I can't stand them, but maybe its because I can't stand canadian sports, cfl, garbage, hockey, more hockey, etc.

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  • I think I like it better then ESPN and NFLN......maybe. No hockey here it's all soccer, racing and 3rd rate sports like ESPN when someone actually watched it. What's this hockey you speak of?:)
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  • I hate it. Enough of the tvs in sports bars are full of sport stuff. But only one involving automotive stuff. Now it seems there are no car stuff left even in the early mornings.

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  • Purely an anecdote but most people I talk to in Canada loved Onrait and were sad to see him go, I question whether Americans will "get it" because there is some more Canadian type humour in their schtick.

    If they aren't a huge hit I'll be happy to see them back at TSN.
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  • For the record, East coast Canadians loved them. I thought they were corny as hell, borderline annoying. More amusing than funny. But, they are a lot better than a straight laced boring ass delivery that infects most broadcasting teams. Us Vancouverites were spoiled thou because durring the 80's and 90's (probably longer) we had a show called Sports Page that spawned a dozen or so awesome sports casters, each with their own schtick. When that show ended all the talent got snapped up by all the big networks.

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  • oh Shy did u really pull the sports Page out?? oh man...those guys were classic...Don Taylor is fantastic...I got respect for any of the guys who came out of that program.

    Ya I find the Onrait O'toole schtick really awkward to watch.....they aint funny at all. People either love em or hate em, and Canada has an awkward humor (humour?) stereotype that is somewhat true adn they pin it down nicely....not for me.
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  • They are great. Americans are not known for their sense of humor.
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  • SPORTS PAGE!!! Hells yeah Shy!

    And you're right, O'Tool and wassisname are total east coast hack wads. I'm curious, did they bring their slide whistle and whoopie cushion with them when they moved down south..?
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  • Watching these two is pretty cringe-worthy. It's awkward enough that I'm embarrassed for them.
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  • Don't understand the need for another FOX sports channel. The only original show is the "Crowd Goes Wild" show. They could have added that to the other channels they already had.
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  • quadsas wrote:They are great. Americans are not known for their sense of humor.

    Take off eh.
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