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  • I hold this up for anyone who claims American Football fans are too rowdy. ... o/2495199/
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    Critical thinking is pretty much dead too. I miss the hearsay rule.
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  • Rick, that doesn't seem to excessive to me.

    cutting him in 1/8s might have been.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Sports does cause the emotional side of folks to come out, some more so than others.
    " Remember the men and women in uniform that have signed that blank check for us."
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  • Green Bay fans probably wanted to do the same thing to the replacement refs...
    Go SeaHawks
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  • I guess we now know what soccer would have been like in the 1300s.
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  • I didn't know he stabbed a player to death after expelling him from the game. I thought it was about a loss.

    I can sort of understand the emotion behind his friends storming the field and stoning the ref to death. The be-heading and sticking his head on a spike might be taking it a tad too far.
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  • Sounds like a little "instant justice" to me; ref kills player, player's family kills ref. I believe the circle is complete.
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  • Dang, they just started an American Football league down there... Will make the 12s look tame and the Ray-duh fans look demure!
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  • I bet David Stern saw this and thought twice about ever visiting Seattle again
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  • SeaChase wrote:Green Bay fans probably wanted to do the same thing to the replacement refs...

    They can suck it up. Any O-line that gets their quarterback sacked 8 times in the first half doesn't deserve to win in the first place. Packers fans should feel fortunate that Rodgers made it back to Green Bay without a ride to the hospital in an ambulance.
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