Warriors = Underrated

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Warriors = Underrated
Thu May 09, 2013 7:58 am
  • I know technically I could put this in the NBA Playoff thread, but,

    I'm beginning to believe the Warriors are representing the West. And will upset Miami.

    Aside from having the two best shooters in the NBA in their back court, they do everything else, well.

    Bogut (and Lee before) play good post defense/allow them the Warriors to play big. All their forwards spread the floor and can hit 3's. They're entire roster plays great defense...yes...even their shooters. Curry and Thompson can spot up OR drive right past you. And, while Marc Jackson has shown serious flaws the 1st two rounds, he's going to be a great coach. He reminds me alot of Pat Riley or a an NFL coach with his motivational strategies and techniques.

    They do everything well.
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Re: Warriors = Underrated
Thu May 09, 2013 8:51 am
  • I like Memphis as well. I dont think OKC has the team (without Westbrook especially) to challenge the Heat. And I dont think the Spurs have the legs. But both GS and Memphis matchup decently and can run with the Heat.

    Unfortunately out of the East Chicago is the only team to challenge the Heat (through 7 games) and thats without the injuries. With.... well maybe Indiana can test them. New York lives to close to the edge with the 3 point shooting
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Re: Warriors = Underrated
Thu May 09, 2013 9:13 am
  • Completely agree on the dubs, and if they had a healthy David Lee, they'd be running the playoff table, in my opinion. the Spurs are an excellent and very well-coached team, though, so I'm not just going to give the Warriors a pass in this series, but they SHOULD be up 2-0 right now, with two home games coming up here.

    Klay Thompson is starting to sway me. I'm beginning to think the dubs are a quality 3 man away from being dominant.
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Re: Warriors = Underrated
Sun May 12, 2013 3:35 pm
  • The Warriors were underrated but I think they're starting to get the recognition they deserve. Its not like Steph Curry just started doing this, he's been doing it for years, but people just started taking notice since they're a legitimate team.

    Today's game showed the Spurs are starting to lose their legs, just like last year. They looked awful in the last 5 minutes of regulation and throughout OT.
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