Would you trade the Mariners for an NBA team?

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  • Throwdown wrote:We're talking about a team who came into the league in '77 and has only been to the playoffs a grand total for 4 times

    lemme repeat that

    4 TIMES

    Team isn't gonna be good in 1-2 skip a few 99-100 years.

    But if cats wanna hang onto that ship that's been submerged for some time now, go on ahead and do you.

    Since this is a die hard Seahawks board, and the two teams came into their leagues at roughly the same time, take some time to compare the two....

    How many times have the seahawks been to the playoffs? In a league that has taken atleast 12 and now 16 teams in its playoffs.... how often have the seahawks taken those spots? Meanwhile the mlb was a 4 team playoff, bumped up to 8 and is now 10. And those on here who certainly stay with the seahawks during the lean years are now ready to dismiss the mariners to the sports well?

    We are in the midst of a bad decade for the mariners. The seahawks have had theirs (remeber the 90s?) I do and stayed with the hawks (and ms) then and will now. Hell if you're a seattle sports fan this is part of the "experience"
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  • Even in the 90's the Seahawks made it to the playoffs.
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  • He's kind of right, The Hawks have made the playoffs 10 times, 11 if they make it this season, and a part of being a Seattle fan is being able to claim that we have the greatest teams with losing records in every sport.

    I'll just admit to being still pissed about the anti-arena/Sonics sentiment that the Mariners FO has taken the position of, the fact that I usually drop out of watching baseball a month doesn't help. I'm not a big fan and I'll gladly admit to being a fair weather fan when it does come to the Mariners, so judge me as you see fit. There was only two teams I can actually say I'm a die hard, or ride or die fan of and that's the Seahawks and was with the Sonics.
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  • I want the current M's ownership and GM to die in a fire, but I do not want to lose another team I've cheered for since I was a little kid, even if it meant getting the Sonics back. So no.
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  • pinksheets wrote:So the alternative is just assume the Mariners are a dead franchise that will never ever compete again?

    I'm sorry, the Mariners have done plenty to lose themselves the benefit of the doubt and even more to raise the ire of fans, but lately the anti-M's stuff has gone from hyperbole to hysteria. Disliking the current owners is one thing, but to write off the franchise entirely? And why do we have to get so damn divisive with our teams and even those local teams' fans? This isn't an either/or and this thread presents a bizarre hypothetical that is purely set to stoke the fire. I love the Seahawks, I love the Sonics, and I love the Mariners. Do the Mariners suck? Yeah, but that doesn't mean we should even start talking about indifference towards the idea of losing them. That type of attitude has presented itself before, we saw it with certain groups the first time they almost left, when the Hawks almost left, and even when the Sonics DID leave. Don't be a part of that crowd.

    It's fun to dismiss everything the M's do and to write off everyone who says "they're going to be good in a couple years", but that's just silly. There is a lot to be excited about within the M's organization. Do the owners and the execs suck? Yeah, but we've been pumped about Seattle teams before with awful ownership, that's almost a Seattle tradition. Unless you're going to be a giant payroll team, which the M's will likely never be even with a new owner, it takes a good long while to build a team.

    I admire your enthusiasm even though I don't share it anymore. I had been going to games since '77, from the last few years of the kingdome to the first 6 years or so of safeco I went to 30 games a year on average. I bought tons of mariners gear during hat stretch and would take bi-monthly tours of safeco field, I loved the place that much.

    This ownership and upper front office's (see Howard and Chuck) unwillingness to put a winning product on the field or take the necessary steps to do so is why I won't spend another red cent on the Mariners until the 2 headed beast known as Chowie is gone.

    There is no reason that Lincoln and Armstrong should still have a job. If you or I failed as bad as the above 2 mentioned we would have been fired years ago.

    A rebuilding process should NEVER take 10 years, especially for a baseball team that plays In a league WITHOUT a salary cap.

    I'm sorry but all of he scorn aimed at the mariners org is earned and well deserved and all of the mariners "problems" are "self inflicted!

    The folks I feel bad are the ones inthe M's org that have to try and sell this crap product to businesses and individual fans.

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  • I don't have a ton of enthusiasm for the Ms, to be clear. I think the farm system has been drastically improved and we've got a few prospects to be really excited about. I don't buy into the automatic assumption of the worst about any M's move, and what I really don't like is the display of apathy towards even the hypothetical of losing the team. I don't think that's healthy at anytime, and Seattle sports fans are or should be better than that type of attitude, especially with what we've been through with teams leaving or threatening to leave.

    I mean, I still enjoy going to M's games here and there, and I really enjoy going to sit in the King's Court. I don't like Howard, Chuck, or the ownership at all, but I do really like some of our players and prospects, that's all, and with the potential that this team could be sold in the next couple of years, things could change pretty quickly.
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  • i would trade the mariners for a minor league hockey team right now
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  • Would trade the Mariners for a baseball team.
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  • Uffda wrote:Would trade the Mariners for a baseball team.

    And that should about do it, folks! Thanks for coming out!

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