Husky Basketball Is Going To Be Big Time Next Season

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  • UW already has the #3 ranked kid signed for next season, Isaiah Stewart. I've heard that in the last few days Jaden McDaniels, the #8 ranked kid from Federal Way, has flipped from Kentucky to UW, and is expected to play for UW next season. That would give Hop two top 10 kids. No other school can say they have two top 10 kids for this years recruiting class. UW also has a former 5 star transfer, Quade Green, coming in next season from Kentucky. Huskies would basically be adding three, five star kids. From what I've heard, Nowell is gone, so that does hurt. However, there is a possibility that Lynden's Cole Bajema gets out of his LOI with Michigan and comes to UW since the HC of Michigan left for the NBA.

    The team will be big time next season. If Nowell came back I'd say they would be a final four contender, but youth could hold them back. Either way they will be a lot of fun to watch next season.

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  • Interesting, lot of talent will be in state for next years college BB season. The UW Gonzaga game should be a really fun game to watch. Lot of youth and a lot of talent.

    Also congrats on these huge commits. It is much more fun to have two great programs in state competing at a high level. I look forward to some high level games in the next few years.
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  • McDaniels committed to UW today. It was a long wait but completely worth it.
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  • If these guys can learn to play together quickly, and all buy in, this could be a special team. They're certainly as talented as pretty much anyone else on paper.
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  • Yep, it's a feather in the cap for our coaching staff but remember, these guys will here for one single year and I am not sure that's the best thing for a program. This is where Romar went bad.

    Edit: I forgot that the whole one-and-done thing is ending next year with high school graduates being able to enter the NBA so I guess you oughta get em while you can. ... commission
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  • As a UW alum, this is very exciting!
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  • The team is going to be very talented. Stewart and McDaniels will be a lot of fun. From what I've heard, Stewart is the most ready of all the highly rated freshman in the country. He very well could be the best player in college basketball next season. McDaniels is more of a project, don't be surprised if he goes through growing pains his first season. I've also heard Requan Battle may not qualify academically. He is being overlooked because of the other two guys, but he can score. My guess is we see a lineup of Quade Green (won't be eligible until January), Naz Carter, McDaniels, Wright and Stewart. I could see the first couple months being tough without Green and the team being young, but think they can hit their stride by conference play. On offense, they should be much better, and I think they have the potential to be better on the defensive end, but I'm not sure how quickly they will learn the defense. Also not sure what to expect from Roberts and BPJ, they may not play a lot this season with Stewart taking a lot of their minutes.
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