Carson Palmer 'excited' for John Carlson in 2014

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  • Remember John Carlson. I sure do. Was sad to see him leave the Seahawks. It will be good to see him back in the best division in the NFL. Looking forward to seeing him on the field.
    When Palmer was on Arizona Sports 98.7 on the Doug and Wolf show, Palmer indicated that Carlson has been "awesome" so far.

    "That was a huge signing," he said. "The guy is really, really good and really fluid, really smooth and knows the offense already."

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  • Those concussions were a problem for him. I pulled for him when he was here and was sorry to see him go but he just had buzzards luck with injuries. He meshed well with Matt Hasselbeck back in 2010. Then to get knocked out of the Bears NFC Divisional game when a large part of the gameplan was featuring him had to stink.

    Wish him luck, until he plays the Seahawks. Then, no mercy!
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  • He's gonna hate seeing Kam 2 times a year.
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  • Throwdown wrote:He's gonna hate seeing Kam 2 times a year.

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  • Then again, he probably won't remember those encounters, will definitely feel em the next day/week but may not remember.
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  • I always liked Carlson, but that guy did take some bad ones that had an effect. The way I see it is that if Davis, Graham and Julius Thomas can't rack up numbers on the Hawks with their QBs, Carlson is on for a tough day.
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  • I would think Palmer would have accumulated a bit more practical wisdom at his advanced age.

    He might have stated, "He was cautiously optimistic about the risk-to-reward ratio, but that they were gonna hafta take their chances..."
    seeing as how his 'exciting new TE', is in reality, one good Kam Chancellor hit away from retirement.
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