John Elway’s son arrested for assault

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John Elway’s son arrested for assault
Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:30 am

  • Jville wrote:Image

    Poor Denver and Elway ..... just can't catch a break .....

    Not a fan of old horse face, but this isn't his fault just his spawn's.
    But damn!
    42-13, 29-3, and 23-17 and a Lombardi trophy from THIS with it niner trolls

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  • I didn't know kicking someone to the curb could be so literal.
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  • This is that toughness that Elway wants the Broncos to show after getting humiliated by the Hawks in the SB!
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  • aldon smith is a thug
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  • lucky49 wrote:aldon smith is a thug

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  • Stealing this one from one of the article's posts.
    "Looks like the drive is coming back to haunt him."
    Save a place at the table for us "Big Willie"
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