Saints continue molding secondary with Seattle blueprint

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  • Time and time again this offseason, members of the Saints organization lauded the Seahawks' suffocating secondary. The unit devoured the typically prolific Saints passing offense twice in 2013.

    "Look, (the Seahawks have) got a fantastic secondary," Payton said after selecting Jean-Baptiste. "We've had a chance to see it firsthand. But I think it was trying to fit what we're doing. A year and a half ago, starting before last year's draft, we made an effort to really put a high value on size, and we've been able to do that defensively."
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  • Just cause you draft the same mold of players we have does not mean they will play like ours. I think our coaches do an amazing job teaching the game of football to their players. You can have all the athletic ability in the world but if you're poorly coached it can only go so far. Not saying the Saints have poor coaches. Seattle just does it so well. Esp with the secondary.
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  • I will never fear a Rob Ryan defense. He is the weak link for that team.
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  • I will never fear a Rob Ryan defense. He is the weak link for that team.


    Pete's brilliant mind is what makes Seattle's defense what it is. Paired with talent like ET, Kam, and can try and copy it all you want. All these elements are special in their own right, and you can't teach it or go out and find it in a similar body type.
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